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Goals for 2013

It’s that time of year again when I try to work out what I want to achieve over the coming year, I’ve sat down and had a big think about it and this is what I’ve come up with.

These aren’t new year resolutions, I make those everyday in my ongoing mission to improve myself, I could come up with hundreds of those, from improve various aspects of my communication skills through to exercise more and drink less, rather these are the goals – put out to the world so work towards them.

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  • Buy a new house – this is going to be the biggest goal of the year, it’s been on the cards for a while, the question is where it will be and also how we will realise this whilst keeping hold of the house we rent out.
  • Redevelop GrowTraffic – it’s about time I come up with a bit of a plan for what I want from Grow Traffic, I need to move it away from Freelance SEO Consultant; I don’t want to take on as much work through GrowTraffic in the future, rather I want to work in a consultative capacity for the odd client just to keep my eye in, and in order to get further insights though a diversity of projects.
  • I also need to work out what my other personal website is for – I think I have to convert this into a site about my out of work interests but make it look much more professional.
  • Publish new poetry – some of you will know I write the odd bit of poetry, it’s been years since anything I’ve written has been properly published so perhaps it’s about time I stuck a volume together and published it myself.
  • Get a horse for our son. We’ve got a couple of horses already, however I’m conscious at 3 it’s about time our son has a horse to call his own if we’re going to get it in his blood from the beginning.
  • Find new breeders. Some of you will know from mentions in previous blogs, I’ve been conducting an experiment on an inherited trait of a rodent – now I’ve got it sussed, I’m fairly happy that I can pass the project over to other people to carry on with, but making sure the line is established (I went wrong here last time and the line was virtually lost apart from in Russia).
  • Increase income, along with the odd bit of consultancy work there’s only one way to be able to justify this – big numbers 🙂
  • Stay in the Normandy house in Easter – would love to think we’d be able to go to Greece towards the end of the year but think the new house might make that one a bit more difficult!
  • Start next CIM qualifications – it’s pretty obvious I’m going to need to get the next rung on the CIM ladder.

Many of those tie together in a few ways, so I think I’d better get on with drawing up a plan for each of these.

Goals for 2013

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