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Google Announces The Launch of Panda 21 Update

So they’ve finally confirmed they’ve released the next update of Panda. It seems to have taken place on Bonfire Night and plenty of people out there are reporting their rankings have gone up in smoke!

Grow Traffic has dropped down for some of the key phrases that it previously ranked for including Freelance SEO Consultant (although to be fair I’ve not updated the site in so long it’s probably about time I got knocked down a peg or two!). It’s nice to get knocked out of place every now and then though as it gives me a good challenge!

So if you did feel a shift in your rankings you can be sure you aren’t making it up as Google confirmed to Search Engine Land that a Panda Update happened yesterday.

How many searches will Google Panda Update 21 impact?

Google announced that this new Panda Update will affect around 0.4% of the search queries “a regular user might notice” (that last phrase is a very interesting bit of terminology!). Google went on to say that those people searching in the USA, in English, will see a higher proportion of their results changed – more like 1.1%.

In the roughly 4 – 6 week routine of Panda updates this new update sits at position 21.

the image shows a google logo

Who’s been impacted by Google Panda Update 21?

Not had a lot of word about what has gone up and what has gone down, I think there might be a bigger impact from the better designed in this one though based on some of the changes I’ve seen so far (better have a think about the design of Grow Traffic! haha).

More news of the new Google Panda Update 2.1 to come – as soon as I find out more I’ll let you know!!

Google Announces The Launch of Panda 21 Update

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