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Google Business Profile Posts – Spam Policy Update

Earlier this week people took to Twitter to complain that their Google Business Profile posts were being rejected or removed. The cause of this is likely an update to Google’s post policies that appeared yesterday.

Google Business Profile posts content policy was already tight – this is to avoid misleading customers and encourage users to only post relevant and honest content.

The surge in rejected posts will be down to the new line that was added to the policy this week. Google provide a bullet-pointed list of things to avoid that could make your post seem spammy and lead to it being rejected or removed.

You can see the new rule in the screen grab below:

a screen shot of Googles business profile spam policy

You must now also avoid ‘duplicate photos, posts, videos, and logos’ when creating content for your Google Business Profile posts.

How Does This Affect You?

If you are posting content to your Google Business Profile (we hope you are!) then you will now need to avoid duplicate content. That sounds easy but you could be affected if you are posting your company logo with each post, for example.

Take care to avoid using stock images too as these could be classed as duplicate content – try to make your profile more interesting with original photographs.

Why The Change?

Google want to improve customer experience, so they routinely update their policies to serve demands better. This new rule is just another way to encourage businesses to only communicate ‘relevant and timely information’.

Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business can be an important tool for marketers and business owners…when they have set it up! It’s often overlooked yet is a simple and free way to improve your brand visibility. If you want to know where to get started with managing your Business Profile, please contact us.

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