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Google Business Profile: Why You Should Avoid Duplicate Content

Earlier this week I wrote about an update to Google’s Business Profile posts policies – many users noticed posts were being rejected or removed.

You can read that post here.

Today, it’s worth mentioning the updated policy on duplicated content because it could potentially catch many businesses out without them even being aware they are doing anything wrong. Read on for advice on managing your Business Profile posts.

How To Avoid Duplicate Content On Business Profile

As a refresher, here is the new line that was added to the Business Profile policy earlier this week:

google business profile policy

The new rules says that duplicate photos, posts, videos, or logos are not allowed. Posts that break this rule will be removed, as happened to many users this week before the update was discovered.

Fair enough, you say, sounds easy to avoid duplicate content, right?

Well, I think this rule is a little tricky and could take some getting used to for many businesses.

As a rule, you should be posting fresh new content to your social media channels each week, but nearly all businesses will at some point post the same content again. That could be a repost of a blog, a piece of evergreen content, a photo from the set you had professionally taken, customer reviews etc. And, as the new rule specifically states logos too, that makes it very difficult to post any branded content (our own GrowTraffic social posts usually have our logo on them somewhere!).

I think the new rule seems a little strict, but I can see why Google has added it. Google want your Business Profile to be relevant, timely content only so customers are not misled in any way.

It’s easy to see how a business could easily break the rule quite innocently though. For example, a beauty salon reposts its price list as a reminder. Or a restaurant posting their menu.

The rule doesn’t state a timescale either…how long can you leave it before reposting a graphic and it not be considered duplicate content?

My advice going forward is that you:

  • Remove your company logo from photos and graphics (you can still use other branding elements to keep your content consistent)
  • Avoid reposting the same graphic for specials, menus, price lists etc. Instead, you could use a fresh photograph and add text describing your offers or specials.
  • Avoid resharing old posts. If the content is valuable, then reword it or add new information.
  • Try to take new photographs to share, and do not use stock photography.

Don’t forget, if you need help managing your Google Business Profile, we can help. Get in touch here.

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