Google have announced that they are going to launch Google TV very shortly.

Google get everywhere so why’s this news and why is this exciting the a search marketer? Simple answer is they are going to be bringing a level of search to the way we select what we want to watch, we will no longer be held to ransom by the schedulers.

What’s more, they will have a secret weapon – PageRank.

Think about how PageRank or GoogleTVRank or something like that can change the way we watch and consume media – it could completely turn it on its hea, and it’s coming fast. Expect that your next set top box could very really have GoogleTV written on it and it could means that we finally begin to see TV and the internet become one medium.

There again – let’s see what Apple are going to throw into the mix – they’ve already announced AppleTV, so who knows, personally my monies on Google and PageRank taking on TV and it fills me with a raw excitement for the changes it could bring to SEO going forwards.

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