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Google Update Image Search

Hot off the press, if presses of the hot variety are still a thing, we have found out Google is going to be rolling out some changes to the image search later this week, let’s take a closer look at what this means in our latest GrowTraffic Newsjack post.

New Goole Image Search Icons

Danny Sullivan, who is Googles Image Public Search Liaison tweeted a couple of tweets earlier today

So, as you can see from this if a company has a product to sell, has video content, or recipe content, then the Google image search will show small icons.

Then if you mouse hover over the icon it will show some expanded text, or for videos, the length of the video.

But…But What About Image Dimensions?

Indeed, those of you with eagle eyes will have spotted that this is where Google currently displays the image dimensions.

So, where has it been moved to on the image search then?

Well, it hasn’t, Google has removed it completely!

But, if you click on the image thumbnail then you can still the image dimensions, should you be interested in this kind of thing.

Reactions To The Google Image Update

Reactions on Twitter have been largely positive with a range of ‘ok cool’ type of gifs being tweeted in response.

One twitter, or is it a twitterer? No, wait, one twitter user called @gastonriera raised an interesting point.

As of yet, there hasn’t been an answer from Google about what companies need to do and what happens to their rankings if they don’t.

For example, what will Google be basing it on, the image title? Will we have to start being less or more specific about the descriptions.

Twitter user @GeekOrm (great name) had this to say in response.

We also wondered if this is a first move which will lead to other data being displayed at a later stage?

Will structured product data (price, stock for example) start to be displayed on Google image search?

Google Update on Licensing Information

Another update on a google image search development was announced earlier too.

Last week Google Liaison announced that they would begin to beta test the display of licencing information on their image search.

There is some more technical data on how to prepare for this here, we would definitely recommend casting your eyes over it a few times.

At first, we thought this may have been a reaction to the image backlink scam we wrote about last week which Google said they were looking into *scratching chin emoji face*

But it turns out this was a coincidence…

Danny Sullivan responded by saying that it was about “letting site owners highlight licensing information.”

Which is true, but whether it is directly or indirectly a reaction, here at GrowTraffic we think it will help with the backlink image scammers.

In response to a question asking about whether this would improve SEO ranking, Google’s John Mueller was quick to reply, going on to explain that the main reason for this change to the image search is:

“No, this is not about SEO / ranking. The linked developer documentation has more information.”

It is worth bearing in mind, not that we are cynical at all about anything, of course, there may be financial reasons or implications for this somewhere down the line for Google.

But we could be wrong of course.

Google On Twitter

One thing we would like to mention here is how good and quick the top brass at Google are at using Twitter.

Twice in 2 weeks, they have quick on the case to engage with users on important issues, many other larger companies should take note, this is how you do twitter.

Not just by constantly pushing out sales links or links to other websites and news stories.

But by actually taking the time to interact with others on Twitter, people will feel listened to and hey it may have been a complete coincidence Google is looking at licence information, days after it was reported as a problem, but either way it is a positive move.

All too often companies will complain of not getting anywhere on Twitter, yet when you look at their tweets, it largely consists of advertising for themselves or retweets of an interesting article from other people.

Sure, to use twitter well you need to have the time for you or someone in your company to engage a bit more with everyone else, but it could reap dividends in the long term.

Anyway, we got a side-tracked a bit there sorry, as soon as we hear any more news and developments from Google you can be sure we will let you know straight away.

So, be sure to check back on our website every day for this kind of news and much more in the world of SEO and Digital Marketing.



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