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Google Updates In 2024 So Far And What They Mean For You

If you’re struggling to keep up, here are any relevant Google updates in 2024 so far and what they mean for you. To the average user, these updates could easily go undetected. However, the rollout of core updates can leave rankings in disarray. Read on to get up to date on all things update.  

Google Updates In 2024 So Far 

Google regularly make updates to their algorithm and services so that the quality of search results guarantees a positive user experience. And it’s not just a quarterly thing… They make thousands upon thousands of updates.  

Most of them you won’t notice. There will be small tweaks and adjustments to their algorithm that keep their competitive edge but are undetectable to users.  

However, if it is something you track closely, you may notice fluctuations in your page’s ranking. This is to be expected, especially if you’re competing with other businesses for the same keyword. It could also be an indication that Google’s updates have impacted your site.  

Here is a list of the note-worthy updates to Google’s algorithm in 2024, so that you can ensure your content is optimised in alignment with the new algorithm and future-proof.  

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Google Updates In 2024: Algorithm

March 2024 Core Update 

Possibly one of the biggest Google updates in 2024 so far… Google announced the completion of their March 2024 core update on the 26th of April, several days after its actual completion on the 19th of April and 52 days after its initial rollout. To say it was a big one would be an understatement.  

Having initially pledged to remove 40% of unhelpful content, a Google spokesperson told us it ended up being closer to a 45% reduction.  

Two of the main focuses of the core update were enhanced ranking systems and new spam policies.  

Google are aware that SEO content writers have been manipulating the system, writing content that solely appeals to known algorithms and not users. This has led to a poor user experience of cleverly optimised ranking higher on searches but not actually answering the searcher’s question.  

To readdress the balance, Google now prioritises content written for humans, by humans, rather than content written for their algorithm.  

What Does It Mean For You? 

The scale of this update will likely have affected your rankings on certain keywords. That’s bound to happen and isn’t something to get in a tizz over. The rules of SEO are constantly evolving, which is why it constantly requires strategizing. It’s not a one-stop solution.  

The main thing you need to evaluate is whether you are creating content to support and assist your target audience or if you’re just playing fiddle with SEO tactics. 

June 2024 Spam Update  

According to Siteefy, Google hosts 1.1 billion websites and has over 25 billion web pages in its index. As a search engine, they continually say they value (and we should value) quality over quantity… But those quantities are still pretty impressive.  

With that, there is a movement against mass content generators, like AI for instance. The June 2024 Spam Update aims to refine how Google identifies and handles spam.  

While the specifics of this update remain unclear, we do know that there won’t be another algorithmic shuffle. Provided, some sites may still be trying to recover from March.  

What we do know from the March 2024 Core Update is that Google’s set on cleansing its SERPs from unhelpful, low-quality content. They’re doing this by targeting expired domain abuse, site reputation abuse, and scaled content abuse.  

What Does It Mean For You? 

Well, if you’re not creating spammy content, then this should be good news! As always, Google updates can throw rankings up in the air, so don’t panic if you’ve noticed a significant spike or decline. Give the changes time to settle in and adjust, and things will eventually stabilise.  

If you have previously used AI as a tool to mass generate web content, that will now have negative impacts on your rankings. Remember, quality over quantity.  

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Google Updates In 2024: Service

AI-Powered Multisearch 

Google launched AI-powered overviews for multisearch in Google Lens (well if you can’t beat them, join them). With this new feature, you can upload an image and then ask a question about it in the search box, which will prompt an AI-generated response.  

This is just another example of how Google is revolutionising how we approach search and how we interact with search results.  

What Does It Mean For You? 

It’s all seemingly up in the air regarding how the battle against OpenAI will end. Already, 60% of searches end without a click and it is uncertain how integrating AI bots with search results will impact conversion rates.  

It seems for now, neither side is conceding. Both platforms continue to innovate new ways to search. As OpenAI implements a new feature, offering web-sourced answers with citations, it is unclear what the future of SEO will look like. Will we be basing ranking factors on AI algorithms? Who can say?  

Need Help Keeping Track? 

We hope you now feel clued up on Google updates in 2024 so far and what they mean for you. If you’re feeling at all overwhelmed or finding it impossible to keep track, don’t stress! It’s our job to be SEO know-it-alls.  

At GrowTraffic, we make sure to keep on top of industry news and relevant Google updates, so we can adjust how we deliver our SEO services accordingly.  

We are regularly creating blog content that will keep you in the loop with Google’s recent core updates. However, if you would like more assistance or mentorship, then feel free to contact us.

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