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Google’s Forget SEO Advertising Campaign

As detailed by Aaron Wall, Google’s new look search results look pretty scary from where I’m sitting now in the latest search results.

Every link that appears above the fold is an advertisement or a link back to another Google page (which inevitably has even more ad spots on it). You’re probably thinking my monitor isn’t big enough or something; well, I can tell you – on 3 monitors, it’s still the case.

As a search marketer, I realise that Google’s main aim is to keep people on its platform for as long as possible. That means Google has the best opportunity to expose the searcher to as many ads as possible. So they might click on one of them.

Google’s Recent Marketing Campaign: Forget SEO

I didn’t really think that Google wanted to get rid of the organic results; I mean, the organic results are at the heart of what they do, right?  Apparently not, Google ran a search marketing campaign around the globe that told people to forget SEO (especially when people searched for SEO).

This targeting of SEOs wasn’t just an attack on the search marketing community; it was a flagrant attack on the organic search itself.  This was Google saying, “our core business has been Google AdWords for a long time; you just not realised it yet.” 

Google no longer loves organic search results – because they don’t make any money directly from it. Google’s Forget SEO advertising campaign proves what manner of us SEOs have been arguing for a long time. 

Google still views SEOs as the enemy when the rest of the search marketing community has grown to see themselves as marketers working in the search engine space.  It’s a bit like the Post Office, making it harder and harder to deliver Direct Mail marketing campaigns.

 Instead, the Post Office is all for encouraging more use of its network.

Did Google Violate its own AdWords Advertising Policy?

No one else would get away with running ads about PPC that targeted people looking for SEO; before you know it, you would find you’ve violated the Google AdWords Advertising Policy. 

It’s just Google doesn’t seem to apply this same methodology to their own ads. Surprised? Not really.

The End of Google’s Forget SEO Campaign

Whilst I’ve been writing this blog, it looks as though Google’s Forget SEO Campaign has been coming to an end. 

Matt Cutts has been busying himself on Twitter, calming the community down and OK, this is the end of the Forget SEO Advertising campaign. 

But can Matt Cutts really say, hand on heart, that this is the end of the Forget SEO Campaign or even the Forget Organic Campaign? After all, the organic results are the only bit of Google’s offering that it can’t make money on.

Google’s Forget SEO Advertising Campaign

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