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Grow Traffic Supports Human Rights Day

Monday 10th December saw the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, (UDHR), a day that is symbolically marked around the globe as Human Rights Day.

Sadly, this event was largely ignored in the U.K.

The media has been completely focused on Brexit, and the announcement of the meaningful vote’ in parliament being postponed added fuel to this on going political debate, meaning Human Rights Day, a day to celebrate our rights and privileges we are endowed with just for being human, was overlooked.

Not here though, not at Grow Traffic.

We are proud to support the launch of a new website , a website that has been designed to offer a no nonsense guide to the somewhat complex world of human rights and present a tool for education to be used by anybody wanting to improve their knowledge around this subject.

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Human Rights day
illustration of a background for International Human Rights Day.

What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

The UDHR is a document that was first released in Paris on the 10th December 1948 following the violence and brutality of 2 World Wars which happened in very quick succession at the start of the 20th Century, where families were torn apart and millions of lives were lost.


In an effort to promote sustained global peace, the UDHR was commissioned by representatives of all different cultural and legal backgrounds from all over the world, and was announced by the United Nations General Assembly as a document that affirmed a common standard of how people from all nations should expect to be treated, regardless of race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion or cultural background. Effectively, the UDHR set out the common standards and civil liberties bestowed upon us, simply for being born human.

The UDHR remains a seminal point in the history of Human Rights and is a series of 30 Articles which forms the basis of Human Rights laws globally.

Each one of the 30 Articles represents one of the fundamental human rights we are all entitled to. They cover everything, from the right to life, the right to be free from all forms of slavery, the right to freedom of torture and inhuman acts, the right to rest and leisure, the right to peaceful protest and the right to education. The full list can be viewed here.


Why Should we Teach Human Rights?

Human rights are not currently taught as part of the national curriculum, even though there has been recommendations to the government from the UN Committee on the Rights of a Child for this to happen.

Citizenship, (which is essentially different to human rights), has been introduced on to the national curriculum  but only for Key Stage 3 and 4, and relies heavily on the knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm of teachers already overstretched, and who may not have a full understanding themselves, having never been taught the core fundamentals of human rights, or why they exist, in the first place.

Teaching children from a very young age to respect equality and diversity gives them the fundamental building blocks to go on to be well rounded citizens as they mature through adolescence in to adulthood. This is put in to practice in European Countries such as Sweden and Finland, countries which have less social issues and have far more equal societies than here in the U.K.

Further benefits of teaching human rights leads to a much better understanding of the principle rules of law and what constitutes a violation of human rights.

It could be said that here in the U.K we take human rights for granted, however, the sad reality is that a large percentage of the population have little or no understanding of human rights, and those who have some understanding often believe that ‘human rights solely exist for those who don’t deserve them’.

Furthermore, there are many myths and untruths that surround human rights that are peddled by certain factions, including the press and politicians, in order to divide opinion, when really it would be better for all of society to work together to beat the injustices that happen, not just in the U.K but globally, every single day.

How Grow Traffic Support Human Rights

As an organisation, Grow traffic are committed to supporting human rights and our core values fundamentally represent this.

In addition to the key principles of human rights, equality and diversity, our core aims are to deliver honesty, integrity and transparency in everything we do.

Our relationships with clients is built on a foundation of good communication, trust and understanding, and ultimately the work we aim to deliver is as if we are an extension of your organisation, whilst similarly staying true to our core aims.

The website Human Rights Explained is the brain child of our very own Elaine Hutchison as part of her 3rd year dissertation project to complete her degree in Community Leadership. We helped Elaine to design and upload the new site in time for Human Rights Day including designing the logo, advising on content and how to optimize the site to increase traffic. Elaine was over the moon with the new website, and has received many positive comments at it’s launch on Monday, stating ‘I couldn’t have asked for any more. I love the logo, and the website is absolutely representative of what I wanted to achieve’.

In addition to this, the rest of our team also support a wide variety of charitable organisations such the Rossendale Soroptimists the M3 Project and Circus Starr, an organisation that supports disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

After Elaine has completed her degree, she is hoping to take her new found knowledge  and volunteering experience out in to the market place and combined with the expertise of the team here at Grow Traffic, is hoping to grow the business with third sector organisations and start up NGO’s.

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So if you are a Charitable Organisation looking for a Digital Marketing Agency with strong core values, one that advocates human rights, and that is committed to equality and diversity, with excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge of SEO, then why not contact us here or call us on 0161 706 0012 to find out how we can help you market your business to achieve excellent results.



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