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GrowTraffic Training Courses 2023

As an open and honest SEO agency, it’s important to us that customers understand exactly what work we are doing for them – this applies to all our services, from social media to technical SEO. The more people understand about the sometimes-mysterious world of SEO or digital marketing, the better for us, and our industry as a whole!

Of course, some folk are happy to let us crack on with their work whilst they take a back seat and that’s ok too! We serve a diverse range of clients some businesses want to share the workload and learn as we go along. For that reason, we’ve always been more than happy to provide training courses and share knowledge with clients, and beyond.

Over the years we have built up a considerable knowledge bank and our team is always on hand to help customers out with any questions they have. Recently, we’ve had more people get in touch to ask us about our training courses, so taking on board the most popular requests, we have formalised some of our training courses and made tickets for these available to all.

You can check out our page on Eventbrite for full details on each course, dates and tickets.  

Training Courses Spring 2023

Our spring courses will be held online and so we can maximise the time we have, we’re keeping group numbers small. This will mean we have time to speak to people individually and answer any questions!

Courses available at the moment are:

Beginner SEO

This course is ideal for people that don’t have much SEO knowledge and want to understand the basics. It’s pitched at just the right level to make it understandable and enable attendees to start work on their SEO feeling confident they know what they’re aiming for.

Intermediate SEO

Our intermediate SEO training course takes a deeper dive into the area, looking at technical SEO, link building and more. This course is suitable for people with an understanding of the basics, and for people in positions such as marketing manager or working on a digital marketing team.

Better Blogging

Don’t blog just for the sake of blogging or just because someone told you to put fresh content on your website. Attend this course to understand why and how blogging can help grow your business. This course is ideal for marketing executives, managers, or business owners.

Better Branding

Don’t underestimate how powerful a strong brand identity can be when it comes to launching or growing your business. This course is for business owners or marketing teams wanting to understand how to create a unique brand that stands out from the crowd.

Better Social Media

Up your social media game with our complete guide to social media! This course includes absolutely everything you need to know about growing your presence on social media and turning likes into customers.

For now, we’ve put dates in the diary for one of each course but will release another round of tickets this summer. To register your interest in future training courses or an update on dates, please email

Bespoke Training Or Group Courses

All of our courses can be tailored to your business requirements, and we are more than happy to put on bespoke training courses for your business. Courses can be delivered online, or at your workplace. Please get in touch if this is something you are interested in.

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