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GrowTraffic’s Core Values – Honesty, Integrity and Transparency

Tuesday 30th April was Honesty Day, and yes, we are a bit late in posting this blog to honour Honesty Day, but hey, at least we are being honest right?

So, what is ‘Honesty Day’, and why is it so important to the members of the Grow Traffic Team?

Well being honest, (again), Honesty Day is an American event, set up to celebrate truth and yes, you’ve guessed it, honesty. It’s on the 30th April each year as this is the anniversary of the first inauguration of George Washington on 30th April 1789.

And whilst we are on facts, (there is nothing fictional here, believe us!), a small fact that you may not be aware of, is that our Core Values at Grow Traffic are Honesty, Integrity and Transparency, which as an acronym, is HIT, and we think these values are what makes us a ‘HIT’ with our customers!

So, if you want to know why these values, honesty, integrity and transparency, are so important to the Grow Traffic team, and what this means to you as a customer, read on!


As it’s Honesty Day, (well it was), and it’s the first of our Core Values we thought it would be fair to quote Benjamin Franklin at this point and say that of course, “honesty is the best policy”.

And whilst some people might not always immediately like what they hear, being honest is far better if you wish to gain the confidence and long-term respect from friends, family and colleagues.

Here at Grow Traffic we will always make a point of being honest, even if this means we don’t ‘win the business’, so to speak, straight away.

Honesty is integral to our business, because quite frankly, it only makes life very difficult, and very complicated if you are not honest!

If you have ever spoken to any member of the Grow Traffic team, you will know full well that we advocate a no nonsense, straight forward approach and if we think an idea for a website design for example won’t work, we will say so, (in the nicest possible way of course!).

And if we make a digital marketing mistake, (which we do, we are only human after all!), we will be honest enough and pull on our grown-up pants and tell you.

It is after all, a long-term relationship we try to build with all of our customers, and how can you even get past the first post if you don’t offer honesty from the word go?


Moving on to the second of our core values, Integrity.

What does this mean exactly? Well, when you consider the definition of integrity is a virtue associated with having strong moral principals and being fully united, this is a perfect way to sum up the team at Grow Traffic!

Ever since the company was formed over ten years ago, all judgements regarding the running of the organisation have been taken with equality, democracy and integrity at its heart.

We are proud that Grow Traffic has grown organically from being set up by Simon over 10 years ago and managed by Rachel in their home office, to now having a team of six, hard working members with an office in the heart of East Lancashire and a wide ranging customer portfolio that reaches the length and breadth of the U.K.

These customers rely on Grow Traffic to manage their SEO expectations, write interesting and informative content for their business websites, and essentially, ensure these websites climb the rankings to ensure maximum visitors to their site.


Grow Traffic will always offer transparency to clients around those all-important factors such as pricing, timescales and the realistic expectations a business can have when signing a contract with a digital marketing agency.

There are no hidden extras when you sign up to use Grow Traffic digital marketing services, there are no unworkable deadlines, and throughout the relationship, we always aim to have open dialogue with our customers.

We offer regular reviews and we won’t try to baffle you with SEO mystical language that some agencies might like to throw at you, it’s just not part of our core values!

And it doesn’t matter if you want the full-on design and website build service with on going SEO management, or you want us to manage your social media, or you want some social media training so you can manage this yourself, we believe in treating all of our customers with the same level of respect no matter whether you are a large organisation or a small outfit just getting going.

In fact, you could say, we are an excellent choice if you are a new business and you are just finding your feet in the business world.

Why? Well because we know where you are right now, and it’s not easy, and it’s not quick. It takes time to build up your business, and you need to be working with suppliers you can trust and those who have Honesty, Integrity and Transparency at their heart.

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So, if are a new business looking for a Digital Marketing Agency who you can trust, with Honesty, Integrity and Transparency at the heart of everything they do, then you have come to the right place.

And if you are an existing business who feels you just don’t quite connect with your current marketing agency, maybe they try to baffle you with SEO jargon, or the pricing structure isn’t as straightforward as you would like, you can contact us here or call us on 0161 706 0012.

The team are looking forward to speaking to you to see whether our values mean we can be a “hit” with you!

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