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GrowTraffic’s Review Of 2018

Well here we are again, at the end of another year. Not sure where that one went but it has so we’d better suck it up.

Anyway, every year I have to write one of those ‘what a great year GrowTraffic has had’ blog posts. You know the one, where you have to eke out every single thing that has happened and make it sound amazing, just so you can get 1000 words out of it.

Not that I’m a cynical SEO Copywriter or owt.

But this year’s not like that. Oh no. Because this year, GrowTraffic genuinely has had its best year to date. I’ve got so much to talk about it might cover several blog posts if I’m not careful.

Don’t worry though; I know nobody loves a show off, so I’ll keep it brief. I’ll give you the bullet points.

  • Clients

In 2018, GT were literally everywhere. You’re probably sick of seeing us.

GrowTraffic team

We have a philosophy here at GT; we want to empower our clients to be able to do their own SEO going forwards. As a result, we have a certain amount of shred in terms of our client turnover. That’s not a problem; it’s what we aim for. Nevertheless, it does mean that we have to be constantly looking for new clients to work with.

Hence, we practice what we preach; we grow our online profile and we grow our real-life offline profile. We network, we blog, we do PR and social media. Basically, we get out there, so we can grow. Our theory is that, if we prove we can do it for ourselves, then our clients will see what we could do for them.

And it seems to be working. We set ourselves a goal at the beginning of the year to grow our client base by a third and to diversify the mix of clients we had (i.e. some want blogging, some want onsite SEO, some are monthly recurring revenue and some are one-off projects etc.).

We had smashed our targets in the first three months of 2018. Over the course of the year, we have both increased and diversified our client base,just as we set out to, and we’ve had the privilege of working with some awesome people on some amazing projects too.

We’ve also managed to retain our record of increasing the web traffic of every single person or website we’ve worked with. Which we don’t think is bad going.

  • Turnover

As a result of our increased client base, naturally our turnover has increased too.

Obviously, I’m not going to tell you exactly what, but let’s just say that in the first quarter of this year, we did more business than in the whole of the previous year. Not bad going for little old us.

Not that it’s a secret. Wait until next year and you’ll be able to check our accounts out online anyway.

  • Staff

One of the biggest things for GT this year was the arrival of two new members of staff.

Back in April, the gorgeous and slightly bonkers Elaine Hutchison joined the team, as one of our bloggers and content aficionados. Although Elaine only works part-time, whilst she also studies for the final year of her degree in Community Leadership, she is an integral part of the team and we couldn’t manage without her. Her loony lefty stance and obsession with human rights keeps us upbeat every day by reminding us how utterly worthless we human beings are!

GrowTraffic dream team

Our second acquisition was less of an acquisition, because he technically already worked for us, but was still momentous. Mainly because now we pay him. Last month, Simon Dalley joined the GrowTraffic team full-time. As the founder of GrowTraffic, it has always been his goal to come back on board full time, so it was the culmination of a lot of hard work on our part to grow the company to a point where it could sustain him. Simon’s been working in SEO for almost 20 years now, so his knowledge and scope is invaluable to us. Plus, as four women working in a very male dominated field, we naturally needed a man to validate us!

And of course, the old GT stalwarts – Hannah Weinhold and Elicia McManus –are still with us. I know everyone thinks they work with the best team of people, but I genuinely do. Nothing that we have achieved over the last year could have been done without them.

  • Awards

We’ve banged on about the Awards s so often now, even I’m sick of talking about them! So I won’t bore you with a repeat; you can check out previous blog posts if you’re that interested.

Let’s just say that we were totally chuffed this year to have been nominated in three categories of the Rossendale Business Awards – Best Service Business,Business Of The Year and the Enterprising Woman Award. We were shortlisted in the latter two categories and we went on to win Business Of The Year. At the same awards we also sponsored the Creative Business category, so it was a successful night all round. And a slightly tipsy one too.

In addition to the R Awards, our own little office angel, Elicia McManus (ahem) was nominated for an Office Hero Award with Glu Recruit. She works so hard and has contributed so much to the success of GrowTraffic over the past two years that we would literally collapse without her, so it was great that she was recognised in this way.

  • Next Year

Of course, we’re not going to rest on our laurels. We’ve got a lot more work to do yet.

In 2019, we’ll be aiming to grow even more; we want to grow as a business and we want to help our customers grow their businesses too.

The world of SEO is constantly changing and GrowTraffic have to change in response to that. The things we do and the way we do them is constantly evolving in response to the algorithm changes. But the core values we stand by- honesty, integrity and transparency – never change.

We will always do what is best for our client and we will always do it in the best way we can.

We are hoping to get more staff on board as we grow, we have entered more awards, obviously it would be nice if we could all have pay rises. But none of those distractions will come at the expense of doing the right thing for our client, because that is essentially what GT is all about.

And on that note, we’re all off to the pub. Have a great Christmas break and we’ll be back in the New Year to scale new heights.  

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