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GTFO Interview With Nick Jordan

GTFO – GrowTraffic Figures it Out – is GrowTraffic’s podcast, typically hosted every week by one of our directors here at GrowTraffic. This podcast is something you may know a lot or very little about – some of you may listen to it and others may not.

Basically, to quote another director Dalley, this is a podcast about the weird and wonderful world of the internet. And back in November, Dalley hosted the podcast episode which saw him interviewing Nick Jordan.

Nick Jordan is the CEO of as well as the co-founder of Workello and it was a pleasure to have him talk with us for an episode. For this interview, Dalley got plenty of detail about what Nick does and his background as well as strategies he employs through Workello and other software he’s been working on.

We felt that this interview deserved a blog post of its own so I’ve taken the liberty to summarise many of the points discussed here for you. So read on for Nick Jordan’s thoughts on business, hiring, the processes and other things that go into making a content or SEO agency be able to deliver for its clients.

Introducing Nick Jordan

Nick shared with Dalley that his early life was actually somewhat of a struggle. Born in Seattle, Nick had a lot of creative energy when he was younger and he didn’t know what to do with it. But the benefit of being born into one of the fastest growing, most economically developed cities over the last 20 years, as he puts it, is that you can “fall into tech regardless of whether you want it or not”.

In fact, he’s only been in SEO for 5 or 6 years, now. His “claim to fame is 0 to 1.5 million organics a month without building new backlinks”. That’s quite the impressive statistic.

The Early Career

Even though Nick Jordan is now a successful CEO and co-founder, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, as he told Dalley, he “dropped out of college and started working on my first start-up. I bootstrapped it by working in a restaurant as a bus boy” and was doing this from his parent’s basement.

(I’m starting to think that that’s how most success stories begin at this point… The parents’ basement.)

Unfortunately, this didn’t quite work out as Nick wanted because it failed. It was a time when he “didn’t understand marketing” and the start-up was a very marketing-focused play. But instead of giving up, he cold-called his way up before his then-partnership broke apart and what happened in those next 5 years was his catalyst.

When he was first starting out, Nick was his own consultant and had to start at the bottom. After doing his first two start-ups, he secured himself a role in an industry he “didn’t know existed”, in a role he “wasn’t qualified for”. The founder gave him the opportunity to do many things which gave him the chance to form strategic partnerships with multiple companies.

One of the reasons that Nick found himself building his skill set was because departments would need to be filled in on his campaigns and partnerships. He got to do product development, legal negotiations and designing integrations with APIs. However, he found himself burning out.

Instead, he took a step back and asked himself what he wanted to do next – be an entrepreneur. He didn’t have all the necessary skills to build an enterprise product or support team so he learned marketing. Rather, he took a 75% pay cut to sell SEO, taking the time to really learn about SEO so that he could sell it well.

How Workello Came To Be

Workello – an assessment platform. The easy way to hire writers.

Launched in 2021, Workello helps you to find and hire the top 1% of writers. On this platform, hundreds of writers are ingested and sent writing tests to complete. Then, you just pick from the best.

So Workello works to evaluate candidates and sort them as quickly as possible into the top 5%. Essentially, a job ad will be posted and candidates will find it and complete their application and stream into the hiring dashboard. Then, they are either rejected or they’re not. But what you’re left with is a hiring pool of candidates.

The idea for this platform came about because of the problems faced when trying to hire writers to build your agency. There are always plenty of potential candidates, just not all of them are qualified.

A Growing Agency

When agencies grow, there are often things that are better learnt and understood from trial and error.

Something that Nick found was that there were two main things that made content work. One of those things was documentation of the content going out. Holding people accountable to things they were publishing really kept a handle on the quality of the content that went live.

Quality of content is always a really important aspect – the language being used, format, grammar, and tone are all important because each client is different.

The second thing that made the content work was by having people who really care. That didn’t mean SEO necessarily. For example, there are many writers that do not care for the technical part of the business at all. They really don’t. But the reason they’re there is because their love of language. So because it was something they were passionate about, being able to create content and play with language meant that they produced some amazing, quality-content pieces of work.

Content Type

Nick’s approach to SEO could be considered different to the majority – it doesn’t lean on the technical SEO aspects. He found that by focusing on creating more value for the user, you can win without the backlinks and the technical stuff.

But sometimes, the problem is the SEOs. Marketers can, oftentimes, lack certain principles like empathy which makes sense. Approaching the technical aspects of SEO can mean a more business way of thinking, prioritising judgement over feeling.

The problem this can create, though, is that marketers might struggle to know what readers are truly wanting to read or see next so whatever content is created isn’t necessarily for the benefit of the user.

“Evergreen content is king”. And he’s right.

Evergreen content will always be rank-worthy – sometimes all it needs is a few tweaks and it’s still just as relevant as it was the day it was created. Because that’s pretty much the point.

Cluster AI

Cluster AI is used by 4500 people, including some big brands like….

It works by filling in the gaps that major keyword research tools don’t provide. This keyword grouping tool maps out thousands of pages of content and keywords in minutes so you can see all the opportunities for your keywords to rank.

It was deployed in 2020 and means that keyword research can be done faster, more efficiently, and more accurately.

Listen To The Podcast

Listen to the full GTFO episode for Nick’s interview and learn more about his background, his thoughts on different SEO strategies and the SEO industry in general.

You can also learn about some of Nick’s experiences within this industry and the growth of his own agency.

If you’ve not previously checked out our GTFO podcast but are interested in it, you can find the information here. Just search ‘GTFO GrowTraffic’ on platforms like YouTube and Facebook and you’ll find some of the early versions of this podcast.

If you prefer to listen to podcasts on the providing platforms, like on Spotify, you can find us there, too!

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