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Guest Post: Digital Marketing Trends That Are Said To Take Off This Year

We may be halfway through the year already (where has it gone?!) but we still love hearing what others think about digital marketing trends in 2018. So when digital marketing writer, Matthew West, asked us if he could share some of his thoughts with our readers we jumped at the chance. Enjoy!

Digital Marketing Trends That Are Said To Take Off This Year


If you’re aiming to make a push for your branding to take the industry spotlight, you’re likely going to need everything at your disposal. After all, branding that gets the hearts of the consumers is one that is recognizable, engaging, and efficient in delivering its voice. In today’s digital society, however, just how exactly do you push to achieve these goals? Before you start evaluating your marketing strategies, you’ll likely need a refresher and a heads up on the various digital marketing trends that are said to take off this year.

Omnicore Agencydigital marketing trends for 2018 numbers stated that 72-percent of their respondent marketers agree that “relevancy” is the most important aspect of getting more traffic for them. The majority (93-percent) of website traffic is courtesy of search engines, and 90-percent of people who use them haven’t made up their minds on how to perceive a particular brand. As such even the introductory phase of the sales process is extremely relevant to generate brand appeal.

When it comes to yearly digital marketing strategies, it’s important to remember that trends always change and as such your company should always be at the forefront of adopting said changes and adapting to various eventualities that might happen along the way. Sticking to one plan for too long without room for improvement can be dangerous. With this in mind, here are some digital marketing trends you should be aware of this year:


  • Marketing clouds, Adtech will continue to expand: Marketing nowadays is starting to benefit more from data management platforms as they provide a better means of tracking resources, campaigns, and returns. However, 2018 is seeing the advent of these platforms being more integrated with advertisement technology (Adtech) platforms. This means campaigns can now be easily extended from existing customers, identified prospects, and owned channels to anywhere in the world.


  • Mobile marketing will finally take the lead: Mobile devices are said to be slowly gaining popularity as a marketing tool – not because it’s “in,” but because people are starting to depend on their portability and ease of access. Marketers were advised to make sure their campaigns and materials are fit for mobile usage, primarily because 60-percent of all time spent online are spent mobile. In fact, early 2018 numbers indicate a majority of social network activity is conducted mobile.
  • digital marketing trends for 2018Interface proliferation will pave the way to personal smart devices: You may have tried voice-based, augmented reality-based, or virtual reality-based interfaces for devices and apps. The explosion of Pokemon Go’s popularity has let users and marketers see how popular AR, VR, and voice-based interfaces can be to users. Now, Google has just opened its assistant to loudspeaker manufacturers to integrate into their systems. If Apple, Facebook, and Amazon follow suit, we might see a generation of extremely convenient ways to access customers through these interfaces.


  • Customers become the centre Marketing technology comprises a third of the budget of almost all marketing teams. People are also starting to learn more about how commerce, sales, and marketing can combine to make the customer journey more palpable and enjoyable. Soon, marketers will start to use data better to make campaigns much more customer-centric.


  • Multiple channels tackle more customers: Marketers are now starting to realize that various users use various social media networks in order to consume different kinds of content, and are now starting to make sure their campaigns revolve with this aspect in mind. Customers are more likely to get attracted to brands that they seem to “relate” to.


  • Content is still king: The phrase “Content is king” still holds, as while marketing channels and media are growing, content is still a primary means of getting users to be acquainted with your industry, your brand, your service, and your products. As such various marketing companies are starting to make sure part of their search engine optimization process is to help customers get access to the most relevant pieces of content.


  • Machine learning to take over: Some marketers are actually using technology and software that are slowly starting to learn by observing how other marketers manage their own campaigns. As such, there might come a time where software can overtake someone’s management of a campaign through intensive machine-learning algorithms.


  • Analytics and data science are essential: Analytics has exploded the marketing industry into a game of optimization and making sure brands, products, and services are apt for their customers. The flexibility of various data science and analytics tools allow marketers to monitor almost any aspect of the marketing process, allowing almost anyone to focus on any one aspect of their marketing when needed.


  • User experience is becoming central to campaigns: The continuous development of technology nowadays pose the challenge for marketers to make sure their campaigns, services, branding, and products are customer-centric. Even campaigns are starting to have an integration of physical interaction, online activity, and using various forms of technology to make “unique” user experiences that can make marketing materials be extremely attractive to consumers.


  • Experimentation will be encouraged: A lot of marketers are predicted to increase their budgets not because they want to meet previous returns, but because they want to experiment with various aspects of the industry to check if they can produce other results. This has been made possible with the current competition between various industries.


  • Algorithms can help the customer journey: If you find it creepy that websites can make advertisement suggestions based on what you search, you’ve just seen algorithm at work. This has helped various websites such as Facebook tap into any brand’s potential customer base by tailoring ads based on what customers are saying and searching.


  • Personalization levels up: Aside from algorithms, various businesses are slowly paving the way to extremely personalized experiences. Their services have skyrocketed to popularity because users themselves are able to customize the kind of content they are able to see. Marketers can take advantage of this trend by making sure their marketing campaigns are also tailored to specific individual marketing trends for 2018


  • Customers want it fast and easy: Today’s society revolves around making sure services are always available to customers, and as such consumers expect more from brands. Companies that connect and engage with their customers on social media, and services that offer on-demand content and same-day delivery generate more traction with their campaigns.


  • Privacy becomes a major selling point: Today’s digital society has not just heralded the arrival of better technology, but concerns about data safety and privacy as well. Marketers that advertise features of their service or brand that are related to customer privacy may start attracting more customers to their direction.


  • Reshaping marketing management: During today’s rise of various new marketing mechanisms, management inside marketing firms are beginning to be shaken due to this need to innovate. As such, a lot of companies are overhauling their marketing approaches in order to accommodate new technology and strategies.

Conclusion: A Push For Engagement, Interactivity


Before you go off and reevaluate your digital marketing strategy in its entirety, it’s likely more useful for you to assess your goals first and make sure the strategies you’ll take from the above are ones that your company will actually benefit from. Don’t hesitate to consult with digital marketing professionals and other figures in your industry if you want to get a heads up on the most appealing strategies that are sure to attract your target market.

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