Happy International Dance Day | Business Lessons From A Dance Career

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Happy International Dance Day | Business Lessons From A Dance Career

Happy International Dance Day everyone!

My name is Blythe, I am the newest member of the Grow Traffic Team and I have over ten years of dance experience.

This blog, to celebrate International Dance Day, will be about my experiences with dance and how it has helped me to prepare for my adult and working life.

The History of International Dance Day

We celebrate International Dance Day to give value to this art.

International Dance Day is a wake-up-call for governments, politicians, institutions, and society to realize its potential for economic growth.

The occasion also aims to bring together people of different cultures, and respects and understands diversity. The organisers of International Dance Day would like to make others aware of the value of dance in all its forms and share this joy with the whole world.

Every year dancers and the dancing communities throughout the world celebrate this day.

The event was first celebrated in 1982 and has taken place on the 29th of April ever since.

Blythe Hutchison Happy International Dance Day | Business Lessons From A Dance Career

For those not clued up on the history of dance this specific date already has a meaning to the world of dance as it was the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, who was the creator of the modern ballet we know and love today.

The main reason it is celebrated on Jean-Georges’ birthday is because in 1760 he published a now-famous paper which outlined a stylistic vision and method for teaching dance.

This paper has had a lasting influence on dance, being translated into numerous languages and absorbed by dance teachers worldwide.

How is International Dance Day celebrated and how can I join in?

International Dance Day is celebrated by International Theatre Institute inviting its members along with dancers, choreographers, dance students and enthusiasts to join them in a Gala Celebration.

Don’t be bummed if you aren’t invited to this fancy gala though!

There are lots of activities you can do at home, such as linking your phone or tablet up to your tv and watching clips of your favourite dance styles which I’m sure will bring back some happy memories for you.

Or if you have kids why not make some ballerina paper bunting and enjoy some arts and crafts?

If none of these ideas seem good to you then you could simply blast out some music and just have a boogie!

How dance prepared me for life and my career

I was reading this article from a national newspaper which inspired me to write my blog.

The article refers to a woman who landed a senior leadership role and became CEO at a successful advertising agency following her career as a ballet dancer.

She stated that ‘If you start every day with a class, followed by rehearsals, then performances every evenings and weekends, you know what work is’.

And having performed in countless shows myself, I can fully understand this statement!

You have to have great determination and discipline to be a dancer, skills which also reflects into the world of business and commerce. Dance helps you become comfortable with the intensity of work-life but it is important to also remain well and keep a healthy balance.

What has dance taught me?

Dance has taught me a number of key skills but the ones that stick out to me and have been the most useful are working in partnership (teamwork), emotional strength, creativity, and dedication.

Working in partnership is important to me because even though I enjoy doing things on my own, I believe learning to hear other people ideas and solutions can create a positive atmosphere in work life and helps everybody get the job done quicker and happier, knowing you need to be a team player to succeed will help you go far.

Having emotional strength helps you manage stress.

I have to admit, I am not the best at this, but dance reminds me to never give up even in the most stressful work situations because if a piece of choreography went wrong on stage you would never runoff, so it reminds me to never run off in real life and to have perseverance in order to succeed in my career.

Blythe Hutchison Happy International Dance Day | Business Lessons From A Dance Career

I have always had a lot of creativity, when I was younger, I would spend my spare time making up dances to my favourite songs. The expression of dance is so creative, and I believe having a creative hobby has led me to want a creative career. It helps you to really think out the box and find a solution in your workplace that no one else would come up with.

Finally, dance has taught me dedication. I can’t even count the number of times I said to my friends ‘sorry I can’t I have dance’. This reflects on me now as I am dedicated to everything I do until I feel it is perfect, I will never leave a task unfinished or say it is done until I think it is good enough. I don’t regret missing out on parties and outings because I was dedicated and committed to something I loved.

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