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Happy New Year 2021 From GrowTraffic

At this time of year, we like to reflect on what has usually been a very busy 12 months at Chez GrowTraffic and 2021 has been no exception. In fact, it has possibly been our busiest, more exciting and terrifying year to date!

Let’s have a look at what we have been up to and what we hope 2022 brings us.

The Past:

Well good lord 2021 has flown by, as usual.

We have won loads of clients, said goodbye to some and are still committed to many. Such is agency life! We love it when people trust their business to us. It still feels like a big deal that we get to help grow (or sometimes save) someone’s livelihood.

We welcomed new staff to the family and sadly said farewell to one.

Lovely Blythe, our administrator went off the uni to study nursing in September. We will forever do ‘the Blythe’, a super cool pose for photos in her honour.

She was replaced by Rebecca (no cute pet name as yet-these things are organic). Rebecca has a law degree, so Hannah proudly tells everyone, as if Rebecca was her grandchild.

We welcomed Jake (Jake the Steak) and Madison (Mads) from the Kickstarter scheme. We were lucky that we managed to hire two outstanding people who excel in different areas. They have both signed full-time contracts with us. Their training plans are set, and we are looking forward to seeing them bloom with us.

The kickstarters

2021 was the year we finally launched GrowSkills-our DIY SEO (sung to the tune of D-I-S-C-O) package. This was a pet project of Hannah’s that ensures we have an offering for literally every business, no matter their budget.

We always say we will work with literally anyone, regardless of the size of the budget. For us, SEO is about levelling the playing field between the big corporate businesses with huge marketing budgets and everyone else. But ensuring value for those with a smaller budget was a tricker puzzle to solve. GrowSkills allows us to advise, coach, and teach and put the power in the business owner’s hands.

We launched our regular Facebook lives as a podcast in 2021. GTFO (GrowTraffic Figures it Out) is a weekly podcast that examines one element of digital marketing every fortnight.

Each week we release a podcast that gives 5 top tips to implement an element of digital marketing into your business, and the next week we take a deep dive into a case study of when it has worked. You can find it wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

Happy news years eve

The Future:

We are already working on some exciting things for 2022.

We plan to launch a new piece of software in quarter 1 that will enable business owners to see all the SEO data they need to know without having to be able to interpret Google Analytics, pay for several pieces of software, or even know very much about marketing at all. Watch this space!

We are also very much hoping to be in Christ Church in Bacup as our offices by 2022 but we have been saying this for 2 years so who the heck knows at this point!

But…alas…all is not rosy. We are sadly losing Chloe (Coco) in January. Covid permitting she is off travelling before knuckling down to her Midwifery degree. We are very proud of her and will miss her loads. We are genuinely devastated and can’t believe she has done this to us. It’s selfish is what it is.

We always say this, but we have huge plans for growth in 2022. Additional staff, new clients, and hopefully a new office will hopefully come our way next year. Let’s just hope an unexpected global crisis doesn’t f*ck us all again! If we can at least get this one out of the way that would be excellent.

New Year’s Resolutions?

I don’t believe in making New Year’s Resolutions because I think there is too much pressure to be ‘better’ when, actually, you are probably pretty f*cking amazing as you are and doing a bang-up job!

I am incredibly proud of the lovely GrowTraffic team. I am aware we seem a bit cult-ish and that is because we are. All we need is robes and we are 100% there! We work hard, we know our shit and we take care of each other. What else could you wish for?

So, I will raise a glass to all my wonderful colleagues, clients and business partners over New Year and hope 2022 is as great, if not better, than 2021 was.

Peace and love to one and all.

Hannah x

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