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High vs Low Priced Clickbank Products: Which Earn More?

You will have a few major decisions to make when trying to show how you can sell products through click bank. The most important one out of all of them is the choice of what kind of products you want to sell.

Do we go for those with a high commission on their products or the lower-priced and commissioned products?

How Does Click Bank Work?

Click bank is the middleman between all marketing creators of marketing products, such as videos and music and the people that can sell these kinds of products, e.g., affiliate marketers.

  1. A product marketplace for affiliates
  2. An e-commerce platform for information of product owners

What Affiliate Product Should You Promote?

Before you choose which affiliate product you are going to promote through click bank, and before we look and see how different the levels are, it is highly advised that you think about two main factors:

  1. The quality of the product
  2. Your personal experience with the product and not necessary but is preferred when possible

The last thing to think about is what you can do when you risk ruining your reputation by promoting a project that is not a good selling point. First, ensure the item is profitable and has a good reputation behind it and that customers will benefit from it.

Price Vs Commission

The first thing you will need to be aware of is the changes between the prices of the products and the commission they will get for sale. So, if you are selling an item with a specific sale price, you get a high commission rate, meaning that every deal will give you a high amount of income.

When you are comparing the different types of click bank products you are considering selling, I recommend creating a spreadsheet and doing some initial testing.

The first three primary columns on your spreadsheet should be the name of the item, the product’s sale price, and the product’s commission, so you can see clearly how much you will be making in each sale rather than what you will do it is selling for.

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High Ticket Affiliate Offers VS Low Ticket Affiliate Offer: Which One Should You Promote?

If you decide to go with the wrong niche or the wrong product, you will struggle to make any decent amount of money as an affiliate marketer.

That is not always the case with the low ticket offers through click bank, as it will make it much harder for you to make that income online. This is a common accusation among new affiliates.

The message does not rule out the chance of promoting the low-ended tickets just because they do not provide you with the option of high commissions.

High Affiliate Offers: Pros and Cons

High ticket offers are products with a high price point and allow you to have a high commission.

For many high ticket offers, in this case, you will need that constant flow of those visitors that you always get to help you earn those big commissions.

Low Ticket Affiliate Offers: Pros and Cons

The first obvious advantage of promoting these low-ticket products is that you will not need to do a lot of work when trying to convince a customer or visitor to buy an item you sell through click bank.

A lot of low tickets can be a sort of impulse buy, so you can guarantee that you get many more benefits from making those more accessible commissions. Promoting these kinds of tickets can make more sales, but only if you are promoting great items.

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 Pros and Cons of Click bank


  • Can get highly paid offers
  • Sell in quite a few countries
  • Several offers that can be sold for more money
  • It takes all of the problematic tech bits out of the way


  • Lots of wrong items and sales pages
  • Lots of competition for popular items
  • Difficult to see where the traffic is coming from
  • The high amount of costs because of the e-commerce platform


The competition for your affiliate offers in such a big way is a tricky thing to quantify. Every product you see on click bank will have some form of competition. That is simply just part of the game when using an affiliate marketplace.

Making The Decision

You need to be broadening your horizons and trying to sell both tickets for click bank. Your audience is going to consist of many different people who have interests in all parts of your business and the content that you include in the first place

High vs Low Priced Click bank Products: Which Earn More

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