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How Airlines Can Use SEO To Sell Frequent Flyer Discounts

Airlines can use SEO to sell frequent flyer discounts by, taking a closer look at the air travel industry as a whole and the performance that is linked to it and how this includes all of the known online search engines.

The result of this is that travel websites perform somewhat better in the United Kingdom than the popular airline companies themselves, who are known for being the top performers.

SEO For Air Line Countries: USA, Germany, France And United Kingdom

This will be a bit different for the companies that are already popular in the current market. for the other ones, their some great areas of potential for them to be optimised.

Companies who are known for being a great link to the marketing agency world, may have had a few words to say about the air travel industry and have included them in a study of their own.

What Is The Difference Between White Paper And The SEO Air Travel Industry?

The white paper and the SEO air travel providers gives you the option to do a complete overview of what the industry is currently like and how this can include frequent flyer discounts.


All of these travel portals that use airlines will get a different outcome as far as backlinks and your social strategy is concerned.

It has been found that the online presence of all European airlines and who they are unfortunately perform at a lower level than the more well-known travel companies whose keyword count is a lot higher.


The USA is the top dog for airlines, and there are a few strategies that have helped with this decision.

There are so many differences between these airlines and the portals as far as backlinks and their structure are concerned all because of where the source comes from and the kind of interaction it is getting through all of their social media platforms.

SEO Scrabble Tiles

Include The Option Of An SEO-Friendly Website With Links

Having the option to include internal links are a staple for SEO.

They can be the main line of the success through SEO and it is also the main culprit for where SEO can also go wrong. In the airline industry this is something that cannot just be pushed to the side. 

It has been found that, just in the travel industry alone comes up in Google’s search engine as 23% of the internal links as well as other areas.

The reason behind this is that:

  • “some of these pages are popular because Google has included them before. Other pages have also been discovered when Google follows a particular list from an already known page or a new page too”.

Aviation SEO

Aviation SEO is great for getting your airline website easily online. That can also help to sell frequent flyer discounts. Think of it as a traffic control system that can be included to help all people navigate straight to your website from Google and other search engines.

By using many different techniques that link to Google’s guidelines, you can turn into an SEO friendly magnet for all of your organic traffic.

By ensuring that your airline site is more accessible for all search engines, your site will then do better as far as rankings are concerned and how they can be relevant to your business.

This will be because they are appearing a lot more in all of these search engines and their results, the traffic to your main website will continue to thrive and your business will continue to be extremely successful.

video content is an excellent way to incorporate SEO and content marketing into a new product

How Can Advertising Help Airlines With SEO And Selling Frequent Flyer Discounts?

In this current digital marketing world, all forms of marketing is the main aspect on how every single business should work in order to represent well in the competitive market.

For this to work, being creative with your marketing is essential. It allows all businesses to attract the right kind of attention from all of their consumers. Over a certain amount of time all airlines should have their own kind of marketing tactic to follow that helps them to succeed in this current market.

Below are some of the tactics that can help you with this:

  1. Connect with all customers through social media

Social media for businesses is used as an extension of their original customer service, that helps to provide updates and promotions about everything that is going on within the business.

This is not just for the airline industry and the work that they do, but for their social media presence overall when targeting your customers.

  1. Offer great loyalty programmes

Using the option of loyalty programmes to encourage all of customers to come back is a great way to advertise. Using this trick helps you to get ahead of the other airlines and what they charge for the same kind of thing.

  1. Focus on your known customers and include perks

Airlines should also focus on their current customers.

This is so that you can provide them with the best experience possible that will automatically make them feel like they can come back next time.

  1. Create the best social impact possible

Any business even if that is an airline, can provide the best possible positive impact on its main target audience is then already winning and has a special place in the hearts of all of their customers.

  1. Use the powers of all influencers

Influencer marketing, even when promoting an airline has become one of the most popular ways of marketing in the current market.

But when you are advertising in the airline industry, you must move up straight to the known digital approach, as the online market is huge and growing all of the time.

How Airlines Can Use SEO To Sell Frequent Flyer Discounts

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