How Bolded Text Can Help Your SEO?

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How Bolded Text Can Help Your SEO?

Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that bolding important text in a paragraph can help your site’s SEO and can help to improve your overall ranking.

They say that when you bold your text, it allows Google to understand the content better. Here is how bolded text can help your SEO.

How Bolded Text Can Help Your SEO?

“So usually, we do try to understand what the content is about on a web page, and we look at different things to try to figure out what is actually being emphasized here, and that includes things like headings on a page.

But it also includes things like what is actually bolded or emphasized within the text on the page. So, to some extent that does have a little bit of extra value there, in that it’s a clear sign that actually you think this page, or this paragraph, is about this topic here.”

So basically, bolding text can help with your SEO. If you bold the keyword, Google has a better chance of picking up on them. That will then help to improve your ranking where these keywords are in play.

But remember, bolding keywords only works if the keywords are relevant to the rest of the blog. You can’t just go bolding anything and everything, and you can’t go adding bolded buzz words into blogs and on pages that have nothing to do with the rest of the content. They need to be as relevant and cleverly placed as they have always been.

Also, bolding a load of keywords and having a ton of bolded keywords all over your blog won’t look good. It will just look like a bunch of bolded keywords. Bolded keywords can end up making a paragraph look choppy and it isn’t aesthetically pleasing for the reader.

It’s a good idea to bold the key phrase at the start of the blog and maybe have a few more keywords in bold at the start of a new paragraph. This way you benefit from having the keywords in bold, but it will still look like a well-written blog.


Bolded Text Vs Headings

But which is more important, bolded text or headings!?! It doesn’t matter. Keep using the H1 and H2s in the same way you always have, only now remember to bold the key phrase in the opening paragraph.

Having headings won’t damage your SEO or your ranking so there’s no need to drastically change the way you write blogs.


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