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How Can Cloud Migration Help Businesses & Marketers?

Companies around the world are turning to cloud migration to help their business thrive. By unlocking the power of the cloud, businesses are experiencing a faster, efficient, and more productive way of working. And this extends to professional marketers.

If you are responsible for the marketing of a business, it is time to consider how migrating your business to the cloud can help you.

What Is Cloud Migration?

“Migrating to the cloud” is the process of transferring your data, applications, emails, calendars and files to a cloud platform. Popular cloud platforms include Dropbox, Office 365 and G Suite.

With all your digital business operations in one secure platform, all employees can work seamlessly whenever and wherever they need to.

There are various types of cloud migration and it can be confusing for first-timers. That’s why we recommend choosing the very best cloud migration company to help your business get the very most of the cloud.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration opens a world of possibilities for every business. Whether you are a start-up, a small to medium enterprise or a large company with several departments, you could be reaping the many benefits of cloud migration.

The key benefits of working within the cloud include:


Meeting the demands of a growing business can be challenging. But with cloud migration, increasing your business resources to suit the needs of your company couldn’t be easier.

Working within the cloud gives you the opportunity to support a higher number of employees and larger workloads without having to set up new physical infrastructure or network equipment.

Scaling up (or down) is simple and cost-effective once your business has been migrated to the cloud.

Improved Employee Productivity

Having their data, files and emails etc. on one simple platform enables employees to work resourcefully every day. Cloud migration makes it far easier for departments to work alongside each other and for team members to collaborate on projects and workloads.

Enhanced Security Features

Cloud platforms offer advanced security features, meaning you don’t have to worry about problems such as hacking, data theft, unauthorized access, intrusions, and identity theft.


Cloud services can be accessed by employees (and customers/clients) wherever they are. Whether your team are on the go, working from home, or in the office, they have the flexibility to access their work. This will help boost productivity and aid work-life balance.


A survey carried out by Rackspace found that 88% of companies save money when they migrate to a cloud platform. Cloud providers handle maintenance and upgrades, meaning you don’t have to pay for additional IT support.

Plus, you won’t have hefty fees when it comes to upscaling or downsizing. The fast processes and seamless user management available with cloud platforms will also increase employee performance, which is always great for the business’ bottom line.

How Can It Help My Marketing Efforts?

With so many benefits, it is apparent that migrating the cloud can be valuable for the company as a whole. But how can it help your marketing efforts? Well…

  • Pave the way for instant connection – Working from the cloud enables companies that were once location-dependent to spread their wings and connect with clients/customers across the UK. Having your communication resources in one secure place enables your audience to reach out, and allows you to connect instantly with customers, colleagues and others.


  • Take control of customer data – Cloud migration allows you to store, access and analyse customer data from various sources. Analysing your customer data can help you tailor your marketing efforts to your customers whilst improving on past marketing strategies. Having control over your own data also enable you to offer a complete customer experience – yourself and your customers will be able to look into marketing insights.


  • Streamline project management – Whether you are developing a complex SEO strategy for your business or working on a content marketing plan for a client, your marketing team needs to be on the same page. Working within the cloud allows everyone involved to collaborate, edit files, access folders and view centralised marketing reports.


  • Keep everyone in sync – You no longer have to rely on endless back-and-forth emails to keep everyone in the loop. Cloud platforms allow you to easily communicate with your team. Respond to feedback, discuss a recent change or brainstorm marketing ideas effortlessly all in one place – even if your team is working remotely!

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