How Can I Create Content That Is Accessible To All Users?

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How Can I Create Content That Is Accessible To All Users?

Creating accessible content holds so many benefits for your business; widening your audience as well as signalling that your business values inclusivity. Accessible content refers to content that can be consumed by anyone despite impairments or difficulty receiving information.

Creating content that is easy to read and can be accessed by technologies such as screen readers makes your content more usable and perceivable, thus giving it a better chance of being ranked. Google prioritises content that is helpful to a wide range of audiences and so making sure content is accessible is a key factor in its ranking system.

Creating content that is accessible to all users is no doubt important, but how can you create it?

Creating Accessible Content

Whether it be text-based content, video or graphics, there are multiple things to keep in mind when it comes to creating accessible content for all users.

Prioritise The User Experience

Accessible content isn’t about only appealing to those who may need extra support when it comes to understanding information – but everybody. Keeping user experience at the forefront of your mind when creating content is crucial not only for the user but for search engines too.

Accessibility comes when web pages and content forms are well-optimised for the user experience. From what is in the content to how a user will navigate and digest the information are all things to consider when it comes to creating content that is accessible to all users.

You can learn more about the importance of user experience here.

Alternative Text

This is especially important when it comes to creating visual content. Alt text, title tags, and other descriptive text or metadata are crucial to making content accessible. Alt text and alike are picked up by screen readers so that those with visual impairments or difficulty interpreting information from visual cues can access the information.

Alt text, both crucial for content accessibility and SEO can again make a huge difference to user experience and appeal to all users.

Accessible Language

Also important for creating content that is easy to scan and digest, accessible language or “plain English” as you might refer to it, is hugely beneficial for the content being accessible to all users. Creating content that is easy to read and understand is crucial for accessibility and inclusivity.

Short paragraphs that are straight to the point and broken up with subheadings and images are easier to read and therefore more accessible.

Colour Contrasts

Accessible content doesn’t just refer to what’s in it, but how it is displayed. Take time to consider the foreground, background, font and text structure and how this might hinder someone with a visual impairment from accessing your information.

More often than not, a light background with dark text, broken up with bold text and subheadings is the easiest content to access.


Digital accessibility is becoming at the top of the priority list for many content marketing specialists and businesses. Usability and inclusivity of content not only allow you to reach a wider target audience which in turn may generate more leads for your business, but it is also a crucial element of SEO.

Google and search engines alike prioritise user experience as a ranking factor along with many others. The richer the user experience, the higher up the SERPs your web page will appear. A key part of enriching the user experience is ensuring that content is accessible to all users.

Creating Content That Is Accessible With GrowTraffic

At GrowTraffic, content is what we do! We understand the importance of a thorough content marketing strategy and the part that accessibility plays in that. Content produced by GrowTraffic is designed to promote your brand, increase visibility and win customers, with inclusivity and accessibility at the crux.

We appreciate the importance of creating content that can appeal to all users, not only for them but for you too!

If you would like to work on your content strategy together and create content that is accessible to all users, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team!

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