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How Can I Create Content That Is Emotional and Relatable?

Emotional and relatable content is vital for connecting with your target audience and should be a highly valued area within your content marketing strategy. This GrowTraffic blog follows the trend of many other blogs we have written recently, regarding content. It is no secret that different types of content can serve different, equally important, purposes within your wider marketing strategy, this specific blog aims to explore how we can create content that is emotional and relatable, and why that is so important.

Why Should I Create Emotional And Relatable Content?

I was recently introduced to a brilliant piece of work by Simon Sinek – ‘Start With Why’. After exploring this and more of Simon Sinek’s work, I delved into how this narrative impacts my professional approach, and the truth is, it has a direct impact on how all human beings function, in both personal settings and professional settings.

At the root of a business, is humans and therefore at the root of your content should be the aim to connect with humans, provoking thoughts and feelings which will lead to a relationship. That is the secret sauce to gaining customers – developing a relationship.

Ultimately, your target audience wants to know why what it is you offer will impact them, they care less about the what and focus more on the why.

This is where content plays its part. Content, whether it be written blog posts, videos or social media graphics allows you to develop that ever important relationship with your target audience, relating to them, getting in touch with their emotions and sharing the why.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” -Simon Sinek

There are so many reasons why you should be creating content that is emotional and relatable; to develop trust, to share the values of your brand, to help people remember you, but ultimately, it comes down to developing the powerful connection that turns people into paying customers.

How To Create Emotional And Relatable Content

Sure, it’s one thing knowing why it’s important, but it’s another to know how to create it. Emotionally evoking content that relates to your target audience, undoubtedly is crucial for developing a connection between you and this who digest your content, but what steps should you follow in order to create it?

This isn’t to say that all your content should be emotionally focused, in fact, quite the opposite. Much of your content should be educating, informative, getting straight to the point. The secret to a thorough and successful content strategy is to include a mixture of content types, including that that is emotional and relatable to your audience.

There are some key ways in which you can create emotional and relatable content, let’s delve into our top tips!

Know Your Audience

Before any type of content, it’s important to know to whom you are pitching your work. Understanding your target audience will guide your content. If you don’t know your target audience, it’s impossible to really understand how your content will be received. Getting to know your target audience before producing content allows you to further understand the most valuable response for both you and them.

Tell A Story

Stories tend to elicit visceral responses, whether it be anger, passion or excitement, people tend to dive into a story to relate to a plot and feel emotions. This is the same when it comes to content, allowing your audience to relate to what you are sharing, more often than not results in their emotional response and in turn, their loyalty to your brand.

Project An Ideal Image

Audiences want incentives, they want to know the why, what will they get out of your products and services? Emotional and relatable content should include an image in which your target audience can see their lives, with your product or service, and it is better. Great emotional content relates to the audience’s pain points and shares how what you can offer is the key to unlocking success.

Creating Emotional And Relatable Content With GrowTraffic

At GrowTraffic, we pride ourselves on not only offering great advice and knowledge but also the skill set to do it for you! Understanding the why, as well as creating emotional and relatable content, all whilst running a business is no mean feat! That’s where we come in!

If you would like to discuss more of what we have shared in this blog, or if you would like to speak to a member of our team regarding your own content, please feel free to get in touch!

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