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How Can I Create Content That Is Informative And Educational?

We’re very much in a time of a digital takeover. Many of us turn to our phones for everything – communicating, reading, researching. There’s so much informative and educational content available from just a quick Google search.

And this is great. To have so much available so quickly and easily. It almost makes public libraries look like ornaments. But when you’re a marketer or business owner, that means you need to keep up. The content you deliver has to be great, always of a high quality.

Educational content is one way to build your business up not just to your audience but in your field. It makes your business informative, reliable, and valuable. And this is how you can create it.

What Is Educational Content?

When we say educational, that doesn’t mean it has to be a piece of scholarly research published for academic purposes. Not at all. It can be anything as long as it teaches an audience something new. That’s what makes it valuable.

A how-to guide is educational content. You might not realise it but those quick tutorials you see on TikTok or Instagram? That falls under educational content. Anything that aims to teach an audience something that they’re looking to learn.

How To Create Informative and Educational Content

1.     Relevancy

General rule of thumb for any kind of content you create; it has to be relevant. Educational content is no different. It’s not about what you think your audience will want to consume, either.

It’s about what is relevant to your target audience. You have to think about who your target audience is in order to do that. Creating a how-to guide for TikTok isn’t going to be useful to an audience that don’t use that platform.

And when you’ve determined your target audience, you need to consider what they’ll want to learn about. What are they looking for and how can you give it to them but in relation to your brand focus at the same time?

2.     Consistency

Brands are human, too. Or at least, they have a voice and a personality like we do. And that voice and personality that is unique to your brand will also determine how you address topics.

Is everything formal and professional or do you focus on the fun and relatable approach? Do you use a mixture in different situations or is it the same all the way through? Do you want to talk directly to your audience in the same way, or would you want to be more personal?

Whatever your tone of voice and personality is for your brand, you need to keep it consistent. Not only does it make your brand unique and stand out, but it can also make your content easier to follow.

3.     Creativity

There’s quite a lot that’s been done before, there’s no denying that. So it can be quite challenging to create content for a topic that’s been very heavily discussed numerous times. But the trick is approaching it from a different light.

A unique approach to a prevailing problem is all they need to start paying attention. With the amount of content available now, not all of it is helpful, neither is it particularly informative. And there’s a lot of people who have given up searching for a specific answer because they just can’t find one.

Creativity is, really, your only friend when it comes to creating educational content. Look for gaps you can fill and then use your brand to do so. Make your voice one that stands out.

4.     A Friendly Format

A lot of people on the internet won’t invest in your content from start to finish right from the get-go. To them, it might be a waste of time. Instead, most users will scan content by skimming through it, seeing if there’s anything that might be what they’re looking for.

Personally, I can’t help but admit I do the same. If I’m looking for something specific, and only a small portion of an article is relevant to me, I won’t read it all. Not unless I’m interested in everything else the author has to say.

But most times, I just want the section I’m looking for. Then, I’m done.

Organising your own content in a similar way is bound to be a big hit with your audience. They can find sections easily, which is better for them, but it works out better for you, too. It boosts your SEO. Plus, small sections broken up with headings looks much more appealing than one long chunk of text.

Images or any other kind of visual aid is your best friend in this case. Go media crazy. But not too crazy. You don’t want to overload a small piece with dozens of images.

5.     Links

We love a link here. Internal or external.

Absolute checklist features for your website’s SEO. Most of all, though, they’re very beneficial to your audience. It proves you did your own research; you know what you’re talking about. That makes your content reliable and valuable.

Your audience can use those links to go directly to the source for more information as well.

Educational Content Is Evergreen

Is this the biggest benefit of educational content? It could be for those who have to create dozens of different forms of content constantly.

Because that how-to guide you made last year… it’s still relevant now. Maybe it needs a few tweaks due to certain updates that have happened, but it’s still correct. For instance, unless TikTok changes the way it’s used quite drastically, those how-to guides for video uploading or creating will still be relevant in months, years, to come.

Everybody that creates content loves a bit of evergreen content. Running out of creative ideas for new and fresh content? Repurpose some of those older uploads. Just tweak them so they’re up to date. Change the media (unless it’s an infographic!) to something more relevant to the current trends and voila! Good. To. Go.

Isn’t that just brilliant?!

Reach Out to GrowTraffic Now

Fortunately, this blog may a pretty good example of evergreen content. It can be repurposed in the future and still, all the information will be relevant.

Repurposing content is such a good way of giving yourself extra time to create more new and fresh content, too. But if you find yourself relying on it a bit too much, get in touch with GrowTraffic today!

For more than 10 years we’ve been providing SEO strategies and digital marketing services. Hopefully, the fact that we’re a multi-award-winning agency will tell you that we do actually know what we’re doing.

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