How Can I Create Content That Is Inspiring and Motivational?

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How Can I Create Content That Is Inspiring and Motivational?

It is no secret that content is (or at least should be) at the core of your digital marketing strategy – but what about creating content that is inspiring and motivational? Although not every piece of content that you publish necessarily needs to motivate a movement – inspiring content is arguably the secret sauce to an in depth, useful content marketing plan.

This GrowTraffic blog aims to focus specifically on inspiring and motivational content – what it is, why we need it and how to create it.

What Makes Content Inspiring And Motivational?

Inspiring and motivational content holds its place in the sales funnel and is an essential part of a thorough content marketing strategy – but what exactly is it?

The clue is in the name – this type of content, inspires and motivates customers to invest in your products or services. Inspiring and motivating content guides consumers into envisaging this service in their lives – and all the ways in which it will improve it.

This type of content transforms your product or service from being appealing to being a must-have.

Why We Need Inspiring And Motivational Content

More and more companies are including motivational pieces of content in their strategy – but why?

Content is what brings potential customers into your business – whether it be a social media post or a blog, content is responsible for enticing buyers and developing that all important trust that is crucial for the buyer/seller relationship.

Inspiring and motivational content however, is what keeps them coming back. The Self Discrepancy Theory explains how we often distance our actual self from our ideal self which in turn affects our behaviours, especially online. If our ideal self isn’t yet achieved, we, as humans look for ways in which we can close that gap and become our ideal self.

This is where your product or service comes in – to bridge that gap. Inspiring consumers with your service and encouraging them that it is what they need to improve is essentially what keeps them coming back to your business, and eventually, becoming invested.

Many people have doubts about their capabilities and so motivating them with your content makes them feel as though they are involved in something greater. Following advice from those who are in a position they wish to be in, whether that be personally or professionally, results in them becoming more invested.

How To Create Inspiring And Motivational Content

We know what it is, we know why it’s important, but how do we create it? Inspiring and motivational content can come in many forms, just remember the main aim is to portray your product or service as their solution – the bridge to their gap!

Get Personal

A key way of speaking to your target audience directly through your content and inspiring them to make a change is by getting personal. Understand who your target audience is and what they want. This way you can appeal to their interests and encourage them to invest in your service on a more personal level.

Use Others

Testimonials and reviews are a brilliant way of inspiring others to do the same. Going back to the Self Discrepancy Theory – if they see other people benefiting from your product or service, they will want to too!

Get Involved With The Community

Where you can, it’s beneficial to step away from the security of a computer screen and promote your product or service out in the real world! This links to the notion of getting personal.

But where does content come into this? Using your content to promote local events at which you will be, or engaging in a community forum are brilliant ways to get your content off your own website or social media page and do the do!

Creating Inspirational And Motivational Content With GrowTraffic

We understand that staying on top of the different types of content can be complex! In our blog, we offer our advice on a whole range of content – check it out for yourselves!

With that being said, however, running a business and operating a successful marketing campaign is no mean feat. So why not leave that to the experts? We will take care of your content whilst you focus on improving and growing your business. Having the GrowFo’s onboard your team is a great way of ensuring you’re hitting all factors of business growth.

Like the sound of that? Call us to discuss it more.

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