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How Can I Create Content That Is Persuasive and Influential?

When you own and run a business or a company, you have to understand people; understand consumer habits. How do you convince them that your product or service is the best of the batch? You can only do it by understanding what appeals to your consumers.

But you also have to put your business out there properly. You need to prove to them that your business is credible if you want them to believe anything you say about anything. And one way to do that… Persuasive techniques. Because funnily enough, they work!

We’re going to tell you why persuasive content works in this blog article, and hopefully it doesn’t transport you back to every English Language class you had in school about newspaper article techniques. Because that’s where it’s taken me.

What Actually Is Persuasive Content?

Any written work that tries to convince a reader of the writer’s opinion is persuasive writing. It’s not just about the writing skills, though. Writers can pull in personal experiences, logical arguments, appeal to the emotion of readers, and use compelling speech known to be influencing.

When you’re writing a persuasive piece, just knowing about the technique isn’t really enough. That’s because you can’t really inform readers like you might for something else. Instead, you have to actively try and convince your reader that what you’re saying or selling is best or will benefit them. Whether this is done by emotional appeal or statistics supporting your product. It’s this feature, actually, which makes persuasive writing most similar to argumentative essays.

Why Is Persuasive Content Important?

In the business industry, there’s always going to be a need for persuasive content. What do you think marketing is?

Advertising, copywriting, branding… All of that basically relies on persuasion. Otherwise, how will you convince viewers to become consumers?

It’s not great just for self-serving reasons, though. Throughout history, many persuasive texts have been published and shared and, often enough, they end up changing the community. Many cultural movements have persuasive writing accompaniments, the thing that really helped to convince people to believe in a cause.

How To Create Persuasive Content

You’re equipped with the knowledge that persuasive content is important for your brand. What do you do with it? Use it, of course!

We get it. You want to stand out against a competitive market. And in order to do that, you need to relate to your consumers, you need to convince them you’re product or service is the best. You need to appeal to them.

Luckily, no matter whether you’re writing a persuasive essay or poster, techniques for persuasion are generally similar.

1.     Language Used

Catchy copy is usually one of the first things that will catch the attention of a reader because it’s more likely they’ll remember it. Like those TV advertisements for products, the ones with the catchy phrases.

Bang! And the dirt is gone. Or washing machines live longer with Calgon. How about Coco Pops… Feel like I don’t even need to finish that one.

The point is, words that grab somebody’s attention, think onomatopoeic words or rhymes, stick in their mind better. But that doesn’t mean your entire copy has to be full of rhymes and short jingle-slogans. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Too many is just overkill.

Having a punchy headline and an easily remembered introduction? That’s where it’s at. You want your audience to have a continued interest in what your brand does.

2.     Be Direct

When brands have built their foundation, there’s usually a code they follow. It could be sustainability, eco-friendliness, humanitarianism, equality, etc. And brands that have this will appeal the most to people that share their ideals.

This will help you to build trust and loyalty between brand and customer. You not only share interests with your target audience but you care about the same things. Synonymously, your brand cares about consumers.

3.     Personalisation

When you release any type of content, personalising it has a bigger effect. Readers feel more in control and related to which makes it easier to form a relationship. It’s a very powerful trigger.

In fact, those that prefer personalised communications from a brand also have a 28% higher brand loyalty. And increasing you’re the amount of personalisation in messages can have a 500% increase when it comes to consumer spending.

4.     Data Credibility

If you can support your content by including data that is relevant and from a trusted source, it becomes more credible. Not only to consumers but also to your Google rank. Showing that you’ve done your own research and you can prove it makes your brand more reliable than one that claims a fact without backing it up.

5.     Prove Your Results

Product or service selling well? Instead of telling your audience, show them!

Use testimonials and statistics, even reviews, to prove the effectiveness of whatever you offer to consumers. From a social media angle, user-generated content is your best friend. At least it is when it comes to providing your target audience with proof on social that’s hard to deny.

Reach Out to GrowTraffic Today

Hopefully, this post gave you the information you need on why persuasive content is important and how you can create it yourself.

Persuasive content is always needed. You don’t have to worry about following trends, either. If you find yourself struggling with content creation, you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out to GrowTraffic today!

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