How Can I Create Content That Is Timeless And Relevant?

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How Can I Create Content That Is Timeless And Relevant?

Creating content really isn’t just as simple as writing a blog and throwing it on the website, or chopping together a graphic and displaying it on social media. Good content should be planned out and aligned with a wider strategy. One of the key things that makes content good quality is its timelessness as well as its relevancy – but what exactly do we mean by that? This GrowTraffic blog aims to answer the question ‘how can I create content that is timeless and relevant?’

If you have worked with us before, you may have heard us talk about evergreen content – which simply refers to content that is timeless and stays relevant all year round, the opposite of seasonal content.

Although you can hugely benefit from posting seasonal content, the majority of the content that you post on your website and social media should be timeless, that way it’s more likely to stay relevant for longer!

Why Should Content Be Timeless?

The key reason why we should aim to make the majority of our content timeless is relatively simple – we don’t want it to get lost in the algorithm. The algorithms of search engines change quicker than Dalley changes tweed waistcoats – if you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out our social media, where you are bound to find a picture of Dalley in a tweed waistcoat and blazer!

Quality content takes lots of time and effort to create and share and so we want to advise you on the best ways in which you can keep it showing up at the top of SERPs time and time again.

Sure, timeless content will likely take a little more effort to produce, but much less effort to maintain. Once it’s up – it’s up, and people can keep coming back to you again and again which works wonders for your SEO.

Creating evergreen content ultimately leads to the content doing the work for you! People look for content that is relevant and answers their questions and so producing content that is high in value as well as relevancy means that it doesn’t become outdated.

How To Create Timeless and Relevant Content

We know why timeless and relevant content is necessary, but do we know how to create it? Here are our top tips.

Let it shine!

Timeless and relevant content is there for a reason, so make it known. These blog posts or social media graphics aren’t something that you want to get lost in the abundance of other content – it needs to stand out. Whether you pin it to the top of your TikTok page, add it to Instagram highlights or add it to the header or footer of your website homepage, evergreen content needs to stand out.

Know your target audience

When we strategise content we not only need to consider what to write, but who we are writing for. Timeless and relevant content doesn’t necessarily mean it will be useful for everybody, but it should offer relevant information for your target audience time and time again. 

This goes for any type of content – even seasonal. Be sure to understand who your target audience is so your content is equipped with the right information, and presented in the correct tone of voice for your business.

Avoid trends

Not always – trends most definitely have their time and place in content, but not when it comes to evergreen content. We want to create content that is relevant to its readers year after year. Try to avoid referencing ‘what’s hot’ at the time you are producing the content – referencing current trends and events instantly ages your content.

GrowTraffic Founder Simon Dalley is the Chair of the Bacup 2040 Partnership Board

Yes, we know we’ve mentioned Dalley’s tweed-wearing trend – but that seriously is timeless!

It’s also important to note that time-sensitive words such as ‘this year’ ‘tomorrow’ ‘yesterday’ for example also make your content become irrelevant to readers much sooner. The last thing you want is for the audience to question the content’s validity and relevancy.

Creating Timeless And Relevant Content With GrowTraffic

At GrowTraffic, we really do love all types of content, but we are no strangers to the importance of creating timeless and relevant content and the benefits that offers to your relationship with customers. 

If you want to discuss how you can create timeless and relevant content, or the opportunity to let the experts do it for you, why not get in touch?

You can speak to a member of our team by calling us on 0161 706 0012 or dropping us a line at

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