How Can I Create Content That's Easy To Scan And Digest?

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How Can I Create Content That’s Easy To Scan And Digest?

Content is essential for a successful SEO strategy. Search engines such as Google prioritise helpful content that adds to the user experience. User experience refers to the experience a visitor or customer has when they are on your website. Often, in this fast-paced world, humans expect instant gratification, they search for a question and want a simple and direct solution to their problems. Lengthy copy, although it has its place in a content strategy, more often than not, isn’t the key to a good user experience, especially when it makes up the majority of your content. This blog aims to explore how you can create content that’s easy to scan and digest.


easy to scan and digest content

We aren’t here to generalise, every user on search engines is looking for different things, some would like to be educated with long form content whereas others prefer a 10 second video offering them their answer. When developing a content marketing strategy, you must incorporate different types of content to please a wide variety of users online. This specific blog is going to guide you on how to create content for the hungry user with little time.

There is more and more research that goes to show that users tend to scan content to find what they are looking for, as opposed to reading copy word for word. The user should be at the crux of your strategy – create everything for them. They are the deciders of whether or not content is relevant and useful, therefore guiding search engines to rank the right pages.

Here at GrowTraffic, we have some top tips when it comes to creating content that is easy to scan and digest.

Add Subheadings

Not only are subheadings brilliant for your SEO (you can learn more about the SEO benefits of headings here) but they help to break up the text and improve that all important user experience. As with any type of content, a punchy headline is what grips their attention, the same goes for subheadings!

When a user visits a search engine they are usually looking for an answer to their question, a solution to their problem. Offering subheadings allows them to sieve through the text and find the exact point they are looking for. Subheadings act as insightful prompts, breaking up the copy and making it easier to scan and digest.

If you are aware of software like Yoast, you will understand that copy is usually ranked and rated on its SEO as well as its readability. Subheadings are a great way of improving readability and in turn how useful a user deems your content.

The Power Of Images

Appealing to short attention spans often means appealing to visual learners. Many internet users get enough of an answer from an image, with over a third of users opting for visual search. Embedding relevant and useful images into your copy is undeniably useful, especially when we’re talking about producing content that is easy to scan and digest.

Images are another tool for breaking up wordy content and making the page easier to look at and digest. For those users who have little time on their hands, communicating information through images is a great way of getting your content read and improving the user experience of your website.

Including Relevant Links

Another skill that is brilliant for both improving SEO and user experience. Including relevant links in your content enables the reader to visit the relevant sites to learn more about the topic. Linking to other relevant and authoritative sites gives your web page credibility and saves readers from having to dig deeper to ensure the information they are getting from you is right.

Internal linking is also inextricably beneficial for that easy to read content we aim to produce. By linking from your blog page to a product page for example, you are promoting the journey for the user, making it easy for them to digest information and gain the outcome they wanted.

Creating Content That’s Easy To Scan And Digest with GrowTraffic

At GrowTraffic we understand the importance of a thorough content marketing strategy, producing a wide variety of content to appeal to a wide variety of users. Our priority when producing content, whether it be for ourselves or our clients is to produce content that is easy to scan and digest, we want users to get the most out of the information we produce!

If you would like more information on creating content that is easy to scan and digest, or if you want to discuss your existing content marketing strategy with an export, get in touch with our team!

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