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How Can I Create Content That’s Shareable On Social Media?

There is an algorithm for every digital space these days and sometimes, it makes creation more difficult. Algorithms on Google for websites and pages, and social media algorithms that can affect the visibility of a post.

It’s these social media algorithms that have actually reduced organic reach. And when you consider that platforms are showing users more ads, suggestions, and recommendations than friends, it doesn’t really come as too much of a surprise.

So… success is out of the question now, right? Not necessarily.

Creativity is in. So if you can produce natural and creative content that is loaded in SEO basics, then your posts are in.

How Come Content Sharing Is Declining?

Promoting content or encouraging users to share content isn’t as easy as it used to be. It’s down to many things, really. Not just algorithm updates.

A big contributing factor has to do with data holding and privacy. More than 50% of adults who are online are uncomfortable with how platforms such as Facebook maintain their data for ad purposes. But Facebook has always been a harder reaching platform for the simple reason that most users are just there to maintain familial and friendly connections.

Plus with all the other social platforms on the rise – TikTok has definitely taken over in some areas for many audiences – content sharing is naturally on the decline.

Tips For Creating Content That’s Shareable to Your Socials

We want you to do well, we want you to succeed and get brand engagements back on the rise. This is the kind of thing we want for all our clients as a digital marketing agency.

And lucky you, we’ve compiled some tips to help you in our blog.

Validate Audience Opinions

If you create content that reinforces opinions that your audience holds, you’re encouraging engagement because they have reliable sources proving their opinions are correct.

By appealing to your audience through their interests, you’re more likely to get them excited to engage with the content you’re creating and even share it themselves. It’s easy to check back through previous posts you’ve uploaded and check the reactions to them to gage where their interests lie.

Using Controversy

Now, you may be wondering why the heck we’ve brought up this point. Why would you want to actively go out of your way to create controversy around your brand? But it’s not like that.

When we say use controversy, we don’t mean getting into political arguments or countering everyone who has some sort of criticism. We simply mean taking a stand on certain issues or a point you’re attempting to make. There’s nothing wrong with being agreeable but you don’t want to be producing content with the same tone every time.

But how can you create content that may seem slightly controversial, playing devil’s advocate? Publish content that your audience is curious about, so much so that they’ll feel inclined to click. Introduce another side to a debate or topic that makes them consider.

Shared Values

When you have an audience, one of the best ways to connect with them and encourage them to share your content is through shared values.

For instance, if the values of your brand focused more on providing customer satisfaction through integrity and honesty, you have to prove it. And once you’ve built up a steady consumer base, figure out what shared values you may have. Such as passion, kindness, or equality.

They’re likely to continue sticking by you because of these shared values. They’ll also come to regard you as a brand that they can trust and build more than just a buyer-seller relationship with.

Useful Content

Nobody will want to share your content if it’s not helpful or truthful. It’s based not on fact but on fiction, people would rather avoid it then share it on their own platforms.

One of the things brands want to do most is to publish content that is genuinely useful to others. Content that has given them knowledge on something that maybe they didn’t know before. Or maybe something they sort of knew, but weren’t completely sure about.

Be Trendy

Nothing says hot content like a trend does. And considering how quickly times and trends come and go, staying up to date is important.

Still using those old pepe memes on your content? Sure, they’ll be hot among some of your audience – the ones that never stopped using them. But the majority? The ones who move with the trends and stay up to date… They won’t.

It can make you seem very trendy and very kept-up in not just an online space but in an online space heavily dominated by the younger generations.

Add Graphics

Content with graphics are considered more shareable than those without.

They can work to break up the paragraphs of text posts and provide some relief. It doesn’t matter if it’s a serious picture like a statistic chart or diagram or if it’s a meme or GIF making fun of something you’ve written.

Actually, BuzzSumo discovered that of all the updates posted on Facebook, those with images included had 2.3x more engagement. And fortunately for all of us, it’s not that difficult to create graphics and videos these days. It’s usually just a case of sticking it in Movie Maker and having a play around.


Many people that have social media accounts created them for themselves. It’s their own space to express themselves. Personally, emotionally, or physically – those fashion and cooking accounts are some of my favourites!

Creating posts that are tailored to this audience will find an engagement that’s more genuine and real. They’re sharing it because they related to it and wanted to repost it on their own page. That’s a great way to interact with or build an audience.

GrowTraffic: Get in Touch

We hope some of these tips have been helpful to you! The general idea of it all is just being human. Stick up for the things you think are important, support people in little ways, use trends to your advantage, be honest.

Any of these are sure-fire ways of engaging audiences to interact and actually share your content.

If you’re interested in any social media services that could help you out with this, look no further than us!

As an SEO agency, we know plenty about SEO and social media marketing. And with our years of experience (and multiple awards won), we’re a company you can trust.

You can even get free SEO tips from us by entering your email address! Otherwise, you can get in touch with us by messaging our inbox via Or you can phone 0161 706 0012 as a more direct line.

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