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How Can I Create Content That’s Visually Appealing?

A piece of content that is well-written and topic-relevant has been and still is an incredibly important part of your digital marketing strategy. Not only do they provide users with the information they seek, but well-written content with relevant tags, keywords, and meta data also helps to improve your SEO.

But it’s not just the written aspect that’s important – the visual element is, too. Though not everyone is a visual thinker or learner, visual media is always well-weighted on a website page. Take the company name, for instance. It’s much more memorable if there is a logo, a visual. Look at McDonalds. All they have is a yellow ‘m’ but it’s iconic!

The kind of ideology can also be applied to creating page content. Here’s some of our advice on how to create content that’s visually appealing.

Creating Content That’s Visually Appealing

1.    Use The White Space

Uninterrupted text pieces can be quite intimidating and overwhelming to readers and they’re likely to look for the information elsewhere. Maybe somewhere that has less text, more visuals, or both. Especially when you consider that the attention span of many people is much lower than it used to be.

How can it not be when we have platforms like TikTok with short-form videos, and Twitter where all tweets contain only a small paragraph of information. Most of the time, all we have the patience for is short-form videos or paragraphs that are short.

This is where the white space on your pages becomes your friend.

With shorter paragraphs, you’ll have more room for content that is visually appealing. Think infographics, a statistical chart if it’s relevant. Sometimes people are in a rush and if they can get the information they’re looking for after a quick skim on your page, you’re doing something right.

2.    Colour Usage

We LOVE colour. A nice splash of colour to break up the blocks of black and white. Similar to outfit planning, really. A nice blue scarf matched with a blue bag, against a mostly monochromatic look… Whew. Makes everything else come together very nicely.

Whether that pop of colour comes through with an image or a graphic is up to you and what you think looks best. You might even choose to highlight parts of the text to make that appear more visually appealing. After all, isn’t that why students sometimes highlight the entire text?!

However, it’s pretty important that when highlighting, it’s not just randomly splashed around throughout the text. Highlighting is a good idea because it introduces colour while attracting the readers’ attention to the most important parts or the key elements.

3.    Use Images

People love images. And so does SEO.

So using images benefits your website SEO and viewership.

You don’t have to go crazy, though. Just one or two relevant images is enough to count towards your SEO and break up the chunks of text nicely. Slot them in where they look most suitable, like with a piece of text that also relates to the image.

4.    Add Hyperlinks

Strange one, no? Perhaps not something you first thought of. But technically, they do add colour! They automatically turn text blue; even better is the purple colour it turns once clicked.

The biggest benefit of sprinkling a few hyperlinks here and there, though, is the authoritative flair they bring. By linking out, it shows that you’ve researched your topic and have found evidence to support something you’re trying to prove.

Layout-wise, nothing changes. It’s not text or an inserted graphic, it’s almost like highlighted text except clicking it leads to somewhere. Although you could say that there is some sort of psychological impact.

If I was reading something based on facts, evidence, or previous research, I would put the most trust in the source that links to other sources. Otherwise, how can I be sure that I know what I’m reading to be true and proved?

5.    Introduce Lists

Now, I’m not sure about you but I am a big fan of a list.

Numbered lists, bulleted lists, check mark lists, comma lists (like this one).

Love them. And so do a majority of your readers, guaranteed.

Similar to images, they break up chunky texts real nice. Plus they have so many benefits!

  • Skimmable content.
  • Highlight key elements.
  • Easy to re-examine.
  • Appear very organised, present information easier.

I will admit to skimming content and heading straight for the bullet points. I am guilty. But if you can find everything you need summed up in those bullet points, why read the whole thing?! And when you’re in a time crunch or on the move, they are perfect!

They stand out well on the page, appeal to short attention spans, and add diversity to the written text.


I realised as I was writing this piece that I ignored half the tips. Except lists. I’ll never skimp on a list. Even if I don’t actually need to create one. Technically, you could even say I text in lists – I’m a big believer in being a multi-text texter.

Everything all in one paragraph?

Absolutely not.

I interrupt long paragraph texters with individual messages asking questions that they’re currently writing the answers to. Maybe I’m just impatient.

But hopefully, you can very clearly see the vision. Creating content constantly and regularly can be challenging and we’re only human. We suffer from creative and writing blocks that prevent us from being happy with the outcome.

If you find yourself relating to that then why not contact us? We can help you, even if all you want is some free SEO tips! (Which you can opt for when entering your email address.)

We know all about SEO techniques and digital marketing thanks to our years of experience as an SEO agency.

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