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How Can I Create High-Quality And Informative Content?

We’ve made it no secret that content is key to your SEO strategy and that if you want to speak to more of your target audience and get more customers, you need to produce a variety of high-quality and informative content. But how? It’s one thing us telling you that you need to do it, but let us tell you how. This blog is going to offer you some of GrowTraffic’s top tips when it comes to creating high-quality and informative content.

What Is High-Quality And Informative Content?

Understanding what types of content work best for your business is the first step to creating a thorough content marketing strategy. No matter what type of content you choose to produce, the key is for it to be high-quality, compelling and educational to your target audience. But what is it that makes content high-quality and informative?

Putting a definition of what quality content means is quite tough as (in true GrowTraffic style) “it depends”! To know what high-quality content looks like you for you, you need to know about your target audience in detail, after all, the content is for them.

That’s where the quality lies in content, the relationship it creates between you and your audience. Transparent content that highlights who you are as a business and how you can create solutions to your target audience’s problems is regarded as high-quality.

Creating High-Quality And Informative Content.

There are several tips you can follow when it comes to producing content for your business.

Relevant And New Content

Answer this… if the last thing a website commented on was President Trump’s election, how long would you stay on their site? Our answer – not long! Up-to-date content is essential for that all-important relationship between your business and your audience.

Updating your content, especially when it comes to content regarding your business is important not only for that transparency but so that your audience can find the right information. Proving to your target audience that you are on top of developments and industry updates builds trust and will keep them coming back for more.

Understanding Search Intent

In its simplest form – understand the why behind people’s searches. Getting the hang of your user’s search intent before generating a conveyor belt of content is crucial to ensure that you are offering relevant answers to your target audience’s questions.

This is incredibly important when it comes to SEO, Google places you in relation to your relevancy, alongside other factors. High-quality content refers to content aligned with user search intent. Make sure that when a user asks a question, it is your content they land on for their answer.

Jargon-Free And Readable

This is where so many businesses fall short. 9 times out of 10, the user is after a simple solution to their problem – hitting them with a plethora of industry-specific terms and complex instructions will likely cause them to bounce off your site and look elsewhere for their answer.

Especially when it comes to written content, the content that tends to perform well is personable, relatively short and to the point.

You can find out more about how to produce easy-to-read content here.

Write For The User

This nicely leads us to the next point and arguably the most important. When creating high-quality content, you want it to be compelling, for the audience, not for you!

Understand their pain points and use them to your advantage. Whatever type of content it is that you are putting it out it needs to offer your target audience a new piece of information, luring them onto your site and eventually converting them into a customer. Understanding your sales funnel and who needs what at which point in their journey is complex, but it makes for top-quality content!

Creating High-Quality and Informative Content With GrowTraffic

We appreciate the complexities of a sales funnel, different types of content, and pain points – all on top of running a business!

At GrowTraffic, content is what we do! Why not focus your efforts on the business side of things and leave the content creating to us? We can advise you on your target audience, generate content styles and shed light on techniques that result in high-quality content.

If you would like to work on bettering your business together – give us a call!

You can reach a member of our team by calling 0161 706 0012 or emailing

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