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How Can I Get My Website To Rank In Google? SEO For Beginners

If you are new to websites, new to business, or new to SEO you might be asking yourself how you can get a website to rank in Google. And it is a very good question.

Many business owners mistakenly believe SEO is a dark art, practised by nerds who have spent their whole life closeted in a bedroom not interacting with people.

The last bit might be right but getting a website to rank on Google is not a dark art.

True, it is a complex and time-consuming process, but it is a process none the less. And processes can be followed quite simply.

In this blog, I am going to break down the process of getting a website to rank in Google for you in a few easy steps.

In our blog, you will find an absolute tonne of information that will pad out each and every one of these factors, but these are the very basics for very beginners.

Why Is SEO So Complicated?

It’s not. I just want to point that out.

I came to SEO as a beginner, just like you. I knew nothing. And what I found most difficult was understanding the jargon and finding some information that was for absolute beginners. Moz, Search Engine Journal, and Ahrefs have some awesome resources, but if you don’t know what they are on about, it isn’t that helpful.

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What Does Google Want?

Ah, the collective scream of all SEO agents and business owners out there.

Google wants to give an answer to the end user.

That’s it.

They don’t want to return irrelevant spam, porn, or viruses (unless you are specifically looking for that).

They want a good quality website that answers the question posed, is a voice of authority, up to date, and trustworthy.

Problem is, a lot of websites are a voice of authority, up to date, and trustworthy. So, you need to keep proving yours is over and over again.

So, here are the very basics of getting your website to rank in Google.

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1) Have Plenty Of Content

Without content, how are you going to provide answers to the questions people type or speak into Google?

Your content should:

  • Be structured into small chunks
  • Contain 1 relevant keyword and a couple of semantics per page
  • Be written in straightforward language
  • Have at least 300 words per page
  • Answer questions people might ask

BONUS TIP: Blog regularly. Weekly at least. Add content that your target audience are interested in and answers specific questions about your type of services. Don’t just talk about your business.

We have a super comprehensive and totally free content calendar template for 2020 for you to download here.  Pop your blog titles on there and write them week by week.

2) Optimise The Pages

That way, the crawl bots can identify what your page is about and index it. Without optimisation, you might find it hard to get your website to rank in Google. The absolute minimum of optimising a page is:

  • Have a title that contains your keyword
  • Mark your main page title as an ‘H1’
  • Include some subheadings on the page and mark them as ‘H2’
  • Add some keyword tags
  • Put ‘Alt text’ on the images that says what it is an image of and include a keyword
  • Include your main keyword or a snappy answer to your question in the first paragraph
  • Add a link to another of your webpages and a link to another website to back up what you are saying

Have a look at our easy guide to optimising a page here

3) Share The Content

Love it or loath it, social media is a powerful tool in getting your website to rank on Google. How?

A well ranking website has plenty of visitors that spend a good while on the site. It also has people referencing your article on their own website.

(And why does this make them well ranking? Well without disappearing into a nerdy rabbit hole it is because it demonstrates your website is a voice of authority, up to date, and trustworthy.)

To achieve these two basic things, you need people to know your awesome content is on there and like it so much they backlink to it.

Sharing the content on social is the easiest, most effective way to achieve this.

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Is That All I Need To Do To Get My Website To Rank On Google?

Well not really. There are a few important other parts that I have kind of glossed over here.

A decent social media presence, good brand awareness, a good domain authority, plenty of backlinks…I could go on. But as this is a beginner guide I won’t.

If you do want more information or help, our blog has a wealth of information. Alternatively, have a look at our digital marketing services to see if anything takes your fancy.

Or, if you would like a chat, get in touch on 0161 706 0012 or email

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