How Can I Identify My Target Audience and Create Content That Speaks to Them?

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How Can I Identify My Target Audience and Create Content That Speaks to Them?

When creating content for your website, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t necessarily be producing content for everyone. The key to growing traffic to your website is creating content that specifically speaks to your target audience. If you aren’t new here, you may have heard us talk about target audiences quite often, but that is because understanding who they are is so vital to the growth of your business.

Understanding your target audience is a key factor for driving traffic to your website, it plays a vital in us understanding who to create content for. People often ask us ‘how can I identify my target audience and create content that speaks to them?’ This GrowTraffic blog aims to answer that exact question. Here, we will explore ways in which you can identify your target audience and create content that speaks to them.

How Can I Identify My Target Audience?

Understanding who your target audience is and doing the appropriate research is the first step to gaining the right knowledge when it comes to creating the right content. Before we delve into how we can create content that speaks to our target audience, let’s explore how first, to identify our target audience and their sweet spots.

Conduct Market Research

Try to understand who your potential target audience is first. By looking at your website analytics to acknowledge buyer behaviour and also the types of people visiting your site, as well as customer feedback and surveys, you can conclude your target audience’s preferences and needs. 

It is also important to monitor other platforms such as social media channels that may attract your target audience so you can gain an insight into their preferences and adapt your content. 

Tools like Google Analytics are able to break down website demographic details such as location, gender and age which is useful when trying to identify your target audience and create content that speaks to them.

Create a Buyer Persona

Begin with the customer in mind. It’s important to acknowledge the difference between your ideal target audience and your actual audience – the two could be very different and it’s important to ensure you are speaking more to the latter – they are the people that will more likely turn into paying customers. 

Creating a buyer person will help you create content that speaks directly to this audience by allowing you to identify and target your audience’s pain points. 

Engage with Your Existing Target Audience

Whilst looking to expand your audience, don’t forget to engage with your existing target audience. This is what I mean about differentiating your ideal and actual. Sure, aim to expand the types of visitors on your site,  but don’t neglect those who are already on the buyer journey.

Interacting with your target audience through social media platforms creates a sense of community and this way, you will be able to receive feedback from your existing audience that will help you adapt your content and attract more people. 

Encouraging interactions and connecting with your audience through different mediums of content is crucial for speaking to them, and encouraging them along the buyer journey.

Identify a Unique Selling Point

A USP refers to something that your company can uniquely offer, something that sets you apart from your competitors. Knowing what your USP is comes with understanding your target audience. What are their pain points, but more importantly, what is your solution?

When we talk about creating content that speaks to our target audience, we often mention the term ‘fill in the gaps’. What we mean by this is, looking at gaps in the industry, gaps that competitors may not have thought of.

Knowing what sets you apart from the rest is crucial in further developing a profile for your target audience, know what they want and what you can offer them.

Creating Content That Speaks To Your Target Audience

When creating content that speaks to your target audience, the main objective is to create content that either, informs, educates or entertains – depending on the platform you post this content on.

If a target audience visits your social media platforms, they likely want to get to know your company, whereas if they are coming to your blog, they are more than likely looking for helpful information to solve their problem.

Now that you have identified who your target audience is and have specified their pain points, you need to create content that addresses their needs and preferences. 

The trust built through the rapport between you and your target audience through various interactions on the sales funnel is key to getting people to engage with your content. 

The type of content you produce can have an impact on the levels of engagement you receive. A mixture of easy to digest content types like infographics, paired with more lengthy informative guides on your website in key to keeping your target audience coming back to you for answers to their questions.

The key to creating content that speaks to your target audience is to appeal to their pain points. If there is anything to take away from today’s blog – this is it! Extensive research into identifying and understanding your target audience comes first, get to know their pain points, and then produce a variety of content aimed to solve them!

Another way to keep your target audience engaged with your content is to be consistent. Constantly interacting with consumers and generating new forms of content that speaks to them and their needs, further develops that all important relationship. Aside from this being appealing to your existing audience, it will also give your company a good reputation and attract others that may be classified as being a part of your target audience.

Creating Content That Speaks To Your Target Audience With GrowTraffic

In conclusion, identifying your target audience and creating content that speaks to them involves a constant process of researching demographics, connecting with your audience and generating various types of content. 

If you need more guidance on the points explored in today’s blog, luckily for you – that’s what we do! (It seems I’m a copywriter and a poet today.)

If you want to know more about how GrowTraffic can help you identify your target audience and create content that speaks to them, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.

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