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How Can I Use Content Marketing To Build Relationships and Drive Business Growth?

With the right content marketing strategy, engaging your target audience with effective advertising methods brings success. Not just in terms of engaging with your audience but also in driving the growth of your business.

How? Well, carry on scrolling through this blog post and we’ll tell you exactly how you can use content marketing to drive business growth and build audience relationships.

Content Marketing

When we talk about marketing, especially when using the term advertising, there’s many people who think of it as just promotion. Promoting your brand, your services, your products. And in a way, yeah, you do want to do that. But content marketing as a whole goes way beyond promotion.

Content marketing is about providing information, insights, or even entertainment to consumers. The content itself could be educational or persuasive, think statistics for products, just as long as it’s relevant. (Because algorithms love relevancy!) And being delivered at a consistent pace. Great content can help you with many things: fostering awareness of your brand, driving business leads, establishing your brand as an informative leader within your industry.

Also, it’s one of the best long-term strategies when it comes to building relationships with your audience.

Using Content Marketing to Drive Business

Make Content Audits

To be successful with any content marketing strategy, you have to create good content. It’s as simple as that. But you can’t just create any content, you need to be strategical. Exactly what content do you already have and what could you create that’s an improvement? How will you leverage your content into building customer engagement and, therefore, driving business.

Curating content takes time, that’s no secret. Then there’s the presentation of it. That’s pretty important, too. It has to be appealing and digestible. Blogs, videos, infographics, webinars, case studies, reports, images, anything, everything. Whatever works best not just for customers but also for your brand.

Use Tools

There are plenty of resources out there for you to use to your advantage. Many of them make your job easier through organisation and categorising while others are collaborative, making it easier to manage your projects.

There are also data analytical tools you can use which allow you to get a better understanding on things like keywords, what’s trending or popular, or content ideas. Google Analytics is great for businesses with resources available at the benefit of your brand. Plus, it’s free!

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content – a holy grail. Truly. This content never expires. It can age but it can be useful in the future as much as it was when first published. Basically, this is the digital version of being sustainable.

Evergreen content is always constant in terms of held interest. There are no significant peaks or troughs, it remains steady. This is because it’s the sort of content that people are always interested in consuming. Doesn’t matter when. Content pieces that are evergreen likely always have the information or the answers that users are searching for.

Using Content Marketing to Build Relationships

Establish Brand Identity

Of course, content should be beneficial to the searcher. What it should also be is beneficial to you.

Use your content to show off your brand, tell everyone exactly who you are and what your values are. You can do it through direct pieces or you can display it in the way you produce content and engage with customers. Work on the foundations you’ll need to settle before you dive in immediately.

Establishing your brand identity is a crucial thing to do for driving your business and for developing your customer relationships. Tone of voice and focusing on your audience are key. Once you nail that, your personality will reflect through the content you make.

Build Trust

The primary focus, or at least one of them, of content is to inform readers of something. Answer their questions, teach them something about a topic or a concept, helping them understand subjects. In the digital era that we’re in now, access to such content is available freely for those who can access it.

Providing informative content to readers on a consistent basis without asking for something in return, like a subscription, readers feel appreciative towards your brand and begin to trust you. When they’re looking for information, it’s more likely that they’ll seek it from your brand first because the previous experience was a positive one.

If your business provides educational content, presenting yourself as an authority in the field and providing information (all fact-checked and source-cited!) shows you as a “go-to” for them. Readers will know you have the information and the facts they’re looking for which will build their trust for you over time.

Getting the Right Attention from the Right Audience

Content helps you attract the right kind of people to your business.

Videos and blogs gives a user a glimpse of what the content is about. Interacting with it, by clicking, shows their curiosity and interest on the overall topic. And considering you’ve created content for said topic, it must be relevant to your business. This can lead to users becoming interested in your business and the products or services you have to offer.

Starting Conversations

One of the best things you can do as a business is get people talking. Explore many topics that align with the interests of your audience and make the effort to engage with them. It’s often easier to initiate a conversation with someone when there’s a common ground to start on.

Ask them questions that are sure to engage responses. Maybe about your brand or services or about an interesting topic. Or get them to talk about past experiences. If you’re a business that sells instruments, for instance, you may start up a conversation by getting your customers to talk about the first time they played an instrument. Or the first instrument they owned.

There are things you can share with your audience, too, like quizzes and funny articles or meme threads. They don’t have to be directly relevant to what your business does, it could just be something you found funny and that’s why you’re sharing it. That’s a very common thing to do among friends and it’s something that only builds the relationship between you and your audience.

Personally, I love when brands do this. For me, it makes them feel relatable and way more approachable, more like normal people than some big business hot-shots. If that makes sense.

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I hope this post has been helpful to you and now you know of some ways that you can use content marketing to drive business and build relationships.

Consider these points the next time you’re creating your strategy for business growth and customer relations! If you have a hard time doing these things, knowing where to go next or what’s best, you could always get in touch with us. We, GrowTraffic, are an experienced marketing agency that can help you with your content marketing strategies!

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