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How Can I Use Keyword Research To Inform My Content Creation And Optimise For Search Engines?

From reading our blogs, I’m hoping that you understand Search Engine Optimisation relies on the strategic use of keywords, but not everyone seems to grasp what this actually entails. So, this is what I’m here for!

At GrowTraffic, keyword research is a strategic must when creating your content. But it’s not as simple as it might seem. In this blog, we’ll share a few insights from the industry of SEO and more importantly how we go about the keyword basics. With our help, you’ll be able to hone your keyword research and be much better placed to rise up those Google rankings.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is all about discovering your audience intentions.

Several techniques exist to come up with the best keywords to use. All of them broadly have the same ends in mind: to understand who is searching for products in your niche, how they search, and the kind of language they use when they do so.

Creating high-scoring landing pages for SEO is about learning these key facts – the who, what, and how of content marketing. With that information, you can build keyword strategies that achieve high conversion rates, no matter what field you work in.

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword Research is important because it attracts the attention of search engines.

Keyword research is often the first step of any SEO campaign. By researching and selecting the most appropriate target keywords, you create the opportunity to rank well in search engines for that specific topic

High rankings in search engines drive traffic to your website, and in turn, allow you to promote your products/ services online.

How To Choose A Keyword

If you make smart keyword choices, you’ll produce content with the potential to attract valuable organic search traffic month after month. If you pick the wrong keywords, your content will only attract low-value traffic or none at all.

Some people overcomplicate this process, but the reality is when you have a structure and routine it becomes simpler.

  1. Create a keyword list using one of the keyword research tools – Moz, SEMrush, SERanking, Answer The Public, Ahrefs.
  2. Ensure the keyword is relevant to the topic of your content and business
  3. Check the search volume – the higher search volume a keyword has, the more traffic you could potentially receive. There is a fine line with this point, you also don’t want a keyword that has huge search volume as you’re less likely to rank. However that depends on your budget. For small/medium business’ try to be niche.
  4. Check the keyword difficulty – finding low-competition keywords can give newer sites a better chance of ranking

Optimising Your Content Creation For Search Engines

According to SEMrush research, improving content quality was the most effective content marketing tactic in 2021. So, it’s imperative to make it your top priority.

Here’s a 10 tip outline:

  1. Choose blog topics with keyword research
  2. Write a compelling blog post title
  3. Outline your blog post with SEO in mind
  4. Use keywords strategically throughout your content
  5. Make sure your content, maybe blogs, covers your topic fully
  6. Add SEO optimised images and videos
  7. Include image alt text
  8. Link related content to blogs or related pages
  9. Optimise the meta description
  10. Review regularly

Content optimisation should be a crucial component of your wider content strategy, as it gives you the best possible chance to rank for your target keywords, build authority as a brand, and convert leads into paying customers.

Remember to write for humans as opposed to writing for search engine bots. Apply what you have learned during your research. The tools mentioned in this article allow you to conduct and streamline, ensuring that your content is perfectly positioned to succeed both before and after publication.

GrowTraffic: SEO Specialists

I hope I have answered your question ‘How Can I Use Keyword Research To Inform My Content Creation And Optimise For Search Engines?’ If you’re not sure how, or simply don’t have the time for SEO, then we’re here to help. We offer bespoke SEO services to help raise your profile/ranking in Google and drive traffic to your website.

Feel free to contact us, GrowTraffic, via our website, or give us a call on 0161 706 0012.

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