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How Can I Use User-Generated Content, Such As Customer Reviews And Testimonials, To Add Credibility And Authenticity To My Content?

Want to add more credibility to your content? Customer reviews and testimonials are an easy way to add authenticity to your work. Keep reading for advice on how to make authentic content using customer generated content.

What Is Credible And Authentic Content?

There are several definitions of authentic or credible content, but I think the best way to describe authenticity is content that doesn’t seek to manipulate or deceive the reader in any type of way. Basically…the truth. You may think that’s a basic requirement for all content but would be surprised!

Now, credibility can add extra layers of authenticity to your content in two ways. First, your own voice can be credible – do you know what you’re talking about? Do you have experience in what you’re talking about? Can you add your expertise and views to a topic?

Secondly, credibility can come from others – adding another credible voice to your content shows you aren’t biased. In content this can come in the form of quotes from experts or, if you’re talking about something your company sells, then genuine customer voices can add credibility.

How Do Reviews And Testimonials Add Authenticity Or Credibility?

I can talk about what a great job GrowTraffic does for our clients all day, I know our company values, and I know the extra mile we go for clients – but mine is not a credible voice because, well, I’m biased!

But, if a client of ours were to tell you how good we are, well then, that’s credible. And credibility adds authenticity. Unless I’ve bribed the customer 😉

Authenticity is always important when you are selling something because your voice will never be unbiased.

It’s also worth noting that authenticity and credibility in content are ranking factors used by Google. Reviews help SEO so don’t be shy when using them on your website.

an image shows a customer leaving postitive feedback for a business which can help with authenticity and credibilty

How Can I Use Customer Reviews & Testimonials In My Content?

User-generated reviews and testimonials can be used in various types of content and across different platforms.

If you’re writing blog articles for your website you can add customer reviews to your content, so long as the reviews are relevant to what you are talking about. Reviews can be incorporated into the content by referring directly to them or using them as a quote. Or, you can add testimonials in stand-out boxes as an accompaniment to the content.

Testimonials can also be added to your web pages to add authenticity, we recommend having customer quotes visible on all of your web pages. We commonly use a scrolling banner to display customer quotes on the websites we build. Having customer testimonials visible on every page adds authenticity to the content by signalling to readers that other people trust this company, and what they have to say.

Customer reviews and quotes are also extremely handy for your social media content. Don’t be shy to tell your followers what nice things your customers say about you! We usually do this with simple quote graphics and a link to a relevant service.

Don’t forget to use user generated content in offline marketing materials too, such as your company brochure. You can lift Google or Facebook reviews and add them to all of your marketing collateral. You can even use testimonials on large format graphics such as banners and backdrops – just make sure they’re short and sweet quotes as they need to be readable from a distance or when people are walking past.

an image of four stars on a grey background

But…How Do I Get User Generated Reviews And Testimonials?

Using user generated content in your content, such as reviews, quotes and testimonials is easy, you can pop them just about anywhere on your website, use them on social media, and in your offline marketing collateral.

The difficult part is obtaining customer reviews and testimonials…and if you are struggling, don’t worry, it’s something most businesses find difficult!

First, make sure you provide multiple ways for your customers to let you know what they think about your service or products. This can be in the form of:

  • Google reviews
  • Facebook reviews
  • A review platform such as Feefo or Trustpilot
  • Feedback forms on your website
  • Asking for feedback on social media
  • Directly asking customers when you speak to them
  • Mailing out customer feedback forms
  • Gathering feedback at events you host

There are lots of ways to gather feedback and don’t be afraid of prompting people to leave you a review. Of course, you should aim to be so excellent that customers just can’t wait to leave reviews about you, but it doesn’t hurt to guide people to the right place!

Creating Credible And Authentic Content

If you need help creating authentic and credible content, or content marketing in general, please get in touch!

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