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How Consistent Content Grows Traffic

If your website does not have a growing content base, you’re missing some potential severe traffic. 

Sites with blogs, news pages and other consistently updated features draw in more readers, partially due to the way that people consume content and partially due to the search algorithms of Google and other major engines.

There are a few key reasons why consistent content is a powerful SEO tool:

  1. More content means more keywords. By growing a base of natural content, you will unintentionally target many keywords, some of which you might never consider otherwise.
  2. Readers come back to websites with consistent content updates. Regular updates create a rapport with readers. 
  3. Even if they don’t leave comments or interact with your page in other ways, they’ll keep checking back with a consistency roughly equal to your post schedule.
  4. Search engines like regular updates. Google considers a blog especially relevant if it regularly publishes content with roughly similar keyword content. Blogger Dan McCarthy shows a great example of this on his website. Over a year, he posted about social media and other topics about once a day, eventually gaining higher starting positions on Google for some of his posts.
  5. Google’s search algorithm also gives significant weight to reader interaction and a page’s incoming links. Regular thought-provoking posts bring in more readers, invite more interaction and lead to more incoming links. There’s a definite snowball effect, but consistency is critical.

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However, web admins cannot game the system by duplicating content across one or several domains.  Major search engines like Google may penalise a website with similar pages on the same domain if it determines that the webmaster is attempting to take advantage of search algorithms by duplicating text.

How To Create The Right Type Of Consistent Content

To bring in traffic and improve your site’s positioning, make sure that your content does the following:

  1. Delivers a unique message.
  2. Don’t try to target any keywords specifically. Instead, have thought-provoking, unique pieces that focus more on content than search engine optimization.
  3. It makes its point quickly. Don’t waste space trying to capture additional keywords. Keep your readers’ attention by moving from point to point quickly.
  4. Invites user interaction. Ask users to comment and link or make posts that compel your reader base to take action.
  5. Progresses from post to post. Occasionally, you should reference previous posts in your new posts or provide tags that link to similar content on your website. This keeps your visitors on your website, which will lead to better traffic and more incoming links.

You can quickly target highly competitive keywords and build a massive reader base by steadily creating content.  However, you have to make your posts attractive and develop a style that will invite user interaction.

Listen to your readers, use images and other significant elements sparingly and monitor your traffic numbers. Then, keep working and keep posting. With a bit of attention, a consistent article base is one of the best tools that you can develop.

Chase Fleming contributed to this content. Chase is the Founder of Content Row, a site that lets you buy unique content for your website to post consistent content more easily.

How Consistent Content Grows Traffic

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