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How Do I Get Employees Engaged In Social Media Marketing Activities?

Despite social media playing a large role in your digital marketing strategy, it’s often a slow process. Building up a strong following of potential customers and gaining positive engagement on your company’s social media platforms can be tricky and time-consuming. Thankfully, engaging your employees and colleagues in your social media activity can help.

As a marketing manager, social media marketing will likely be an important part of your digital marketing strategy. As you know, social media marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

How Will Employee Engagement Help My Social Media Marketing?

With more than 60% of online adults using at least one social media platform, it is safe to say that the majority of your employees will have social media channels. This means your employees and colleagues will have thousands of combined social media connections.

Studies show that almost 85% of people would choose products or services that have been recommended by friends, family and colleagues.

So, encouraging your employees to engage in the company’s social media platforms could be a sure-fire way to increase your social media reach. It’s also worth noting that personal accounts have 5x more reach than corporate accounts.

Encouraging employees to interact with the company's social media can increase brand awareness

Encourage Employee’s To Interact With The Business’ Social Media Posts

As mentioned previously, social media users trust content more when it has been shared by someone they know, rather than a faceless company. So, your brand message is far more likely to make an impact if it is shared from your employee’s personal social media accounts.

Obviously, you cannot force an employee to share the company’s social media posts through their personal social media accounts. Nor would you want to! But if you have created a positive work culture where employees feel appreciated, chances are, they’ll be happy to share the company’s message.

Encouraging your employees and colleagues to share and interact with the company’s social media posts can rapidly accelerate the company’s social media reach. It may be worth providing some training to educate your employees on the effect that social media can have on the company.

Then encourage employees to comment, like or share the company’s posts. You can also advise employees to use company-related hashtags when sharing company content.

Give Employees Access To The Business’ Social Media Channels

Let’s face it, if your social media posts are boring and stale, nobody is going to want to interact with them. Encouraging employees to come up with fun and original ideas for the company’s social media channels is a great way to increase social media interaction.

If there are numerous people within your marketing team, give each of them access to the social media channels and encourage them to get creative! Don’t forget to brief your team on the company’s social media policies and tone of voice.

Each employee will have their own unique perspective and will bring a wonderful array of creative ideas to the table.

Involving numerous employees in the creation of social media posts will lead to a wide range of varied and creative posts. It is also likely that employees will share the posts they have created through their personal social media accounts.

Regularly Post About The Team

Posting about the team is a great way to increase user interaction on social media whilst displaying the company’s personality. It is no secret that social media users interact more with posts they relate to. Personable posts, such as team members birthdays, gain more interaction than business-related posts.

Posting images of employees can increase social media reach

Also, social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are adjusting their algorithms to focus more on posts that are personal.

Including employees in social media posts is easy! Take team pictures in the office, at business events and even on work nights out (this is probably best at the beginning of the night rather than the end) and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You could also share fun facts about employees such as who makes the best cup of tea in the office etc. Simple posts like this will boost user engagement, increase brand awareness and get more traffic to your website. Tagging employees in the posts will also increase your reach.

Organise Employee Activities Based On Social Media Trends

There are plenty of social media trends that you can include in your social media strategy to boost user engagement and increase brand awareness.

For example, organising team activities for #ChildrenInNeed is always a great idea. As well as raising money and awareness for a great cause, you are boosting employee morale and you then have some amazing content and pictures to share on your social media channels.

Or another example is Face App, which has taken the internet by storm this past month. The AI face editor allows users to make themselves look older and is currently being enjoyed far and wide by social media users around the world. Posting employee’s Face App images on social media will make a hilarious post that is likely to gain a lot of attention.

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