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How Do I Stay Up-to-Date With The Latest SEO Changes?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be quite a difficult field to navigate. Just as you’ve finally gotten the hang of something, Google goes and introduces a new update or changes an algorithm. Then what used to work no longer applies and there’s a whole new element to acquaint yourself with. Suddenly, staying on top of the latest SEO changes seems impossible.

But things don’t just get re-jigged for some fun – there’s a reason to everything. Especially in SEO. With Google and other search engines in particular, for instance, they’re just attempting to create updates that have a better understanding of user behaviour. Of course, this is something positive for users so they have a smoother, better experience.

It just means that SEO professionals need stay up-to-date so they know about all the latest changes and current SEO best practices. And this is something that requires a lot of attention and time.

How To Stay Up to Date With The Latest SEO Changes

Read the Latest Industry News

Magazines and newsletters within the SEO industry are your best starting points. You can follow the latest industry news by reading the newest articles that come out, written by multiple industry experts.

Don’t overwhelm yourself, though, by following multiple news sources. Just find a few that you find credible and authentic and stick with those. And if you want to practice what they preach, try and verify the news, updates, or techniques first.

Follow SEO Blogs

Blogs. We love blogs. Informal, formal, academic, how-to guides, news updates… They can be so many things and found everywhere! And the top SEO blogs are one of your best places for getting updates on what’s happening in the SEO industry.

Moz Blog and Search Engine Journal are two examples of sites that provide credible, reliable, and quality SEO news. Don’t forget that search engine giants like Google also have their own blog and that’s definitely worth checking out – you’ll learn everything you need to about their algorithm updates.

Blogs are often really great ways to read up and gain knowledge because they’re, more often than not, written rather colloquially. Not to mention that you get the expert’s perspective on everything SEO.

Visit Communities and Forums

Online communities and forums are ideal for anyone who has an interest in pretty much anything. Whether it’s a niche interest or very popular, there’s probably a community or online forum for it.

If you want to keep yourself updated on the newest SEO trends, the best practices, updates, a community or forum is a good place to be. Quite a large chunk of SEO professionals and industry experts are active on the internet. And online communities or forums provide the best space to ask direct questions and get answers, share your opinions, and gain knowledge from those who know SEO.

Follow Thought Leaders and SEO Experts on Social Media

Social media is a worthy source when it comes to SEO industry news. Articles can be shared across platforms, SEO experts can give tips and thought leaders in the industry can share their input and ideas globally.

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are some of the top social platforms for these industry experts and leaders to use. Many of them share their own experiences on these platforms and continue using them to build their careers.

With social media, people across the world have been able to connect in a way that wasn’t possible in the past. By following the SEO experts you trust and the leaders in the field you believe to be credible, you’re updating your news feed directly. Anything they post, you will be able to see it right away.

Their knowledge is something you’ll only benefit from, and you’ll be able to stay in the loop when it comes to developments going on in the SEO world.

Listen to Podcasts

In a way, podcasts are almost like blogs or online forums, just without a comment section and all audible instead of visual. But something that makes podcasts so great is that they’re perfect for people who don’t have heaps of time to set aside.

Honestly, modern tech is the gift that keeps on giving.

In the car, on-the-go, walking, in the office – you really can listen to them anywhere. For that exact reason, and because accessing them is so easy, of course SEO industry experts are going to create podcasts. Sometimes, listening to the experts is actually more effective than reading the written content.

We even have our own podcast – GTFO. GrowTraffic Figures it Out. You can find it on all the regular streaming platforms, like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Go to SEO Conferences

Whether you realised SEO conferences were a thing or not, now you know. There is a big community around you, one that you may not even be fully aware of, filled with SEO professionals. Ensuring that your knowledge and success in the SEO grows means you have to think bigger, expand your network.

Get acquainted with others in the industry at conferences, corporate events, and tech expos. Learn from them: their failures, their successes, their strategies, their selling points. People learn from people. We’ve learned from others’ knowledge for years. Hundreds of ‘em.

There’s probably more events in your area than you were aware of, you just have to search for them. When you find them, though, schedule time so you can participate and talk in-person with other attendees.

Maybe we’ll meet you at one! 😉

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