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How Do SEO Agencies Charge For SEO?

There are three main price points and types for SEO  agency SEO, consultant SEO, and Cheap SEO.

Agency SEO Costs

Well known SEO agencies will usually charge anywhere between £500-£2000 per day for their business’s services, and then you can expect to pay from £1200-£9000 a month depending on the time that your project needs.

The number of days that your website might need per month will depend on the type of industry you are providing this service for and the kind of website the business has.

For example, the SEO for online businesses needs more time to be spent working with their developers to better the SEO aspects of their website instead of another website not needing to do this.

These generation websites won’t require as much time each month for this, but they are more than welcome to direct more, but that depends on how competitive the industry they are in is getting.

 Consultant SEO costs

Companies that hire consultants usually use their services for maybe an hour a month to receive feedback from an SEO expert who can guide the business and the marketing in the right direction.

The price of an SEO consultant will rely on the amount of experience they have and the area they work in, and you can then expect to pay anywhere from £100-£1000 per hour.

It’s great to establish whether or not the consultant that has been hired for this job has worked in the same or similar industry before. Of course, they won’t have needed to work for another company but working for a similar type of SEO is helpful.

Types of SEO

  1. E-commerce
  2. Business to business
  3. Local business
  4. National business
  5. News Publisher

These types of SEO are not a significant concern as with using an SEO agency. However, they will have different specialists for these other tasks and projects.

Cheap SEO Costs

As there are so many different companies in the UK that will provide these SEO services for a small amount of £100 per month, this will depend on the results you get from this as they might not be that ideal.

Any business charging between £100-£400 for monthly SEO services will not be able to hire someone trained in SEO to meet their client’s needs.

The experienced SEO earn a lot of money, £40,000 to be exact, and 261 working days a year, including the price of the software they use. These kinds of fees won’t even cover the salary for half a day a month.

An SEO company offering services for £100-£400 a month is either experienced in this sector or hasn’t spent enough time on the project or has tried to speed up the result.

This is why it is dangerous for these cheap SEO agencies to use common SEO tactics to help get the business a small amount of success on Google. The other bad thing is that they won’t warn you of this, which will affect your business’s success in the long run.

With SEO and advertising, you will get what you pay for to aim higher-level and include different links.

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How Do SEO Agencies Charge for SEO?

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