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How Does An SEO Agency Improve Rankings?

So, you are thinking you might want to engage an SEO agency to improve your rankings in search engines? Or maybe you have an SEO agency already but aren’t sure what they should be doing.

Well you have certainly come to the right place (we’re award winning, don’t you know!).

But how does an SEO agency improve rankings?

It’s a question we naturally get asked a lot. And if you are going to engage one, you should be asking them too. After all, you are giving them your hard-won cash to do it.

Well have a read below to see the 5 main ways SEO agencies boost rankings. Just note, there are actually a million ways we do it, but for the purposes of clarity we are looking at the highlights.

1) A Good SEO Agency Scrutinises Your Competitors

Now we can’t speak for every SEO agency here, but at GrowTraffic the first thing we do to boost your rankings is conduct a full audit of your sector, keywords, competitors, and examine how you are fairing alongside them.

You get to number 1 on Google by beating number 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on. So how are you going to do that if you don’t know what numbers 2, 3, 4, & 5 are doing to be ranking where they are?

You can’t win if you don’t know what the game is!

The audit becomes a key part of the overall SEO strategy. It allows your agency to see which keywords to target, what activities to undertake for maximum impact on your rankings, and what, if anything, is holding your website back.

If your SEO agency is not conducting full audits on your website and the market, ask them why not. Or, better yet, give us a call.

Rankings fluctuate daily, so part of beating your competitors to that coveted number 1 spot involves regularly gathering data on the rankings and activities of your website and your competitors and seeing what is working.

SEO is not an exact science. Anyone who tells you they have the magic formula is lying. It is about trial and improvement, because every website in every sector is different.

Therefore, data scrutiny equips us with the information we need to boost your rankings.

2) A Good SEO Agency Boosts Your Social Signals

Social media is great for SEO and should form a part of every serious SEO agency’s repertoire.

Google want to return websites that are trustworthy and useful. And one way of figuring that out is by how popular they are.

If people are visiting your site from social media, talking about you, or engaging with you on various platforms, it tells the Google algorithms that your website is probably useful and interesting.

It’s not about the number of followers you have, it’s about the quality of the engagement. 

So, one way an SEO agency improves rankings is to engage in social media activity. Usually this includes sharing stories that are interesting to your target audience and aren’t necessarily about your business.

Agencies also share content from your own website, to publicise it is there and entice people to click through.

3) A Good SEO Agency Will Add Content

Put yourselves in Google’s shoes for a minute. They want to keep their customer satisfied, so they want to return websites that answers the query the user has typed in and isn’t spammy.

The algorithm does this by looking at how much content is on the website, how many people have been to it and, crucially, have returned to it for another look. Because if people are going back, there must be something worth going back for, right?

If your website doesn’t have a lot of content on it, it isn’t going to rank highly. It doesn’t matter how sleek it looks, it will struggle. Sorry web designers!

A good SEO strategy should include blogging and content creation. Read our recent blog here to find out the point of blogging.

With a blog, you will be able to directly answer those questions people are typing into search engines. Plus, people will return to it as a resource time and again (if it is any good), showing that your website is useful.

4) A Good SEO Agency Builds Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the cornerstones of good SEO. Think of them as being like a referral from a friend.

If someone else’s website is linking to your website, Google sees that as an indicator that your website might be worth returning in its rankings.

But not all backlinks are created equal.

Every website has a domain authority, which is a score out of 100. The higher the number, the more trusted your site is by Google.

A backlink from a website with a high domain authority is worth much more than one from a site with a low domain authority.

There once was a time when any old backlink would do, so people set up spammy sites selling nonsense backlinks. Google cottoned on to this and started penalising websites with a lot of spammy backlinks to them.

This is why you should never, ever buy a load of backlinks.

A good SEO agency will work to create backlinks through directories, citations, PR, and quality content sharing.

5) A Good SEO Agency Takes Care Of Your Back End

Get your mind out the gutter! We mean the back end of your website.

Google has a list of boxes that need to be ticked on each and every page of your website. This allows the bots to crawl it properly and register what each page is about.

This is the part that most people feel a bit intimidated about, but there is no need if you think of it like a checklist.

And, lo and behold, here is a handy checklist for on page optimisation to help you out.

A decent SEO agency will make sure that each and every single page is optimised for one unique phrase or word and that word tracks through all the different elements on that page. So, your H tags correlate with your meta description, and alt text, and meta titles etc.

Every page should have its own individual description, title and keyword with no duplication across the site.

If your website has loads of pages being optimised for multiple words, or duplicated elements, you are a victim of bad SEO, my friend.

If you are worried and want to check, we will send you a free SEO crawl with no obligation. Just pop in your details here.

Is Your SEO Agency Doing It Right?

If you aren’t sure what your SEO agency is doing and want some advice, or just want another pair of eyes on it, give us a call on 0160 706 0012 or email us on

We are always happy to help.

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