How Does Google Understand Text?

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How Does Google Understand Text?

Google is one of the biggest search engines we use. Hundreds and thousands of web posts, websites, blogs and images are uploaded to the internet every day. Google acts like a giant filing cabinet and has to scrape through all those posts and websites so it can categorise and sort them all.

But just how does google understand text? Can google understand the text and does it reads every single post. Google is a lot smarter than we think and is caple of reading text and images and running that through its algorithm and decides where that page should rank.

Can Google Understand Text?

Google can read text. It needs to be able to properly categorise the text. It can’t really understand the text it reads in the same you and I can, but it can search and scan the text so it knows how to properly place it.

Google needs to read the text so that it can find the right results when you type something into the search bar. Google takes the words you type into the search bar and scans the internet for websites and web posts that use the words you have typed into the search bar. The more words in the web post that match the words in the search bar, the higher the website will rank.


How Does Google Understand Text?

Google searches for certain words. When people search for things on google they type something into the search bar, often in the form of a question. If a lot of people search for the same thing, google picks up on the most used words. These are known as keywords.

Google then searches for these keywords in all the blog and web posts on the internet. This is part of the algorithm Google uses to help organise all the pages on the internet.

Google take a lot of different things into account when it ranks and organises its web pages. Keywords are a huge part of it. It also takes into account backlinks, images and other website content like adverts.

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Can Google Understand Images?

If you are creating content for your website it’s important that you use pictures. Pictures can add colour to the page and help break up long chunks of text that may put people off reading. Images are also a great way to help you explain what you are saying in the blog and can be a clever way for you to display and showcase your products and services.

Images use something called alt text. Alt text or alternative text is used to describe what is happening in the image on the post. Even if the text won’t appear on your page it is still important to always describe the image in the alt text box. Alt text can also help describe the image to blind or partially sighted people who can’t see the picture.


How Can We Use This In SEO?

In SEO we can use the way google manages the websites to help get our websites a higher ranking on google.

As we know, Google searches for keywords to decide whereabouts your website will appear in searches. You can use a site like answerthepublic to find out what people are searching for or sites like SEranking to find out what the keywords are for your chosen subject.

You can use images in your posts to help improve SEO as well. You can use keywords in the alt text as well so that when google reads the alt text it goes towards your keywords count and will help you get a better ranking for your website.

Once you know the keywords you need for your business you can start to write. You can cleverly use the keywords or one particular keyword in your blogs. By using keywords like this in your content you can make sure that when Google is searching for the most common searched keywords, your website will rank highly and appear on the first few pages.


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