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How Dollar Shave Club Changed The Face Of Marketing

All individuals who work in advertising find the concept of ads so interesting. But this post is being written because of how dollar shave club changed the face of marketing.

The first advertisement that dollar shave club published was in 2012, just when all aspects of social media were at the very top of the market. But then, unfortunately, everything changed.

They managed to take on Gillette and become the first razor subscription service on the market.

What Does Dollar Shave Club Marketing Club Timeline Look like?

Before it launched

2011:  all of the operations for the concept of the business launch and the first website.

March 2012: The first popular advertisement was launched and gained over 12,000 in 24 hours.

November 2012:  launched in other countries such as Canada and Australia.

June 2013:  launches their second successful ad and their first product.

2014:  branches into other men’s products, e.g., moisturisers and butter

2015: expands their range of products

Launches in a popular magazine known for not responding to published content.

Gillette files a lawsuit against them.

2016:  hits over 3 million subscribers

After the launch

July 2016: hit a target of £935,160.00

February 2018: launches in the United Kingdom

2019: goes down another route of cologne

2020: launches a podcast that links to the company

2021: the CEO steps down

A magazine company announces they are looking for someone to buy their company and links this to the dollar shave club and helps them continue to be the face of marketing.

The Power Of The Subscription Service

The subscription service concept was the foundation for dollar shave club and their business model.

The process is simple, an easy and cheap shave with a top-of-the-range razor with the concept of it being delivered to your door, with an affordable option that is cheaper than some other popular brands.

But the way that this kind of company can run is how they communicate with others to set off a popular form of sharing their promotions.

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What Is The Core Concept Of the Dollar Shave Club Business Model?

The dollar shave club built their business model by getting rid of all unnecessary parts and selling to all its customers and consumers directly. Including D2C was an easy option as it was straightforward.

The great thing is that dollar shave club offer three different plans that you can choose from, and they are not just about razors themselves. They also do other products that can still make them the face of marketing.

How They Became Such A Successful Business?

In 2012, the company became viral by launching a video that engulfed all audiences with how they and other people shave. With this kind of video, they managed to grab people’s attention worldwide.

Today this video has been viewed over 20 million times, and the link to their company has also reached 45 full-time staff members, a certain number of subscribers and a significant turnover amount.

How Did They Do It?

  1. Offering a great solution

The dollar shave club is one of the best men-only brands with a simple and easy target for its proposition.

So, this is a perfect example of how this fits in the current market. The creator of this company came up with a simple solution, to be honest, relatable and can be shared by so many different men.

  1. Create that excellent customer experience

This company, the dollar shave club, is a simplistic, intelligent, stylish, and high-spirited brand.

Once you are a part of the brand and understand the joke’s concept and feel like you belong to the company and the community behind them and the idea that they can offer, unlike no other brand.

  1. The experience and delight

The packaging is what they are known for due to their strategy and explains everything they do, as mentioned by one of their team members.

When you first sign up for their company, you see the kind and welcoming email confirming that you have signed up for their email marketing and that you are then part of the community and can get discounts.

  1. How they show their social engagement

As well as their clever ideas surrounding their pieces of content, they are known for how they thrive through their social platforms and engagement levels.

This could be something like how creative they got with their latest Facebook post and how they have a link that directly links to their page and shows you even more about them.

  1. Popular referrals and the right word of mouth

Seeing this type of emotional word of mouth shows that they are the face of the marketing industry, especially where a shaving subscription service is concerned.

It has been shown that over 50,000 individuals and users a month refer their friends to the club, and this should be no surprise that this is happening.

How Dollar Shave Club Changed The Face Of Marketing

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