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How Dollar Shave Club Disrupted The Razor Industry

The dollar shave club started their phenomenal company and subscription service in 2012.  Then a few years later, it took the internet by storm, which is how dollar shave club disrupted the razor industry.

This isn’t bad for a business owner who managed to change an already creative market and business model entirely and then eventually sell the company for an overwhelming price under the five-year time frame.

How Do They Use Digital Content Marketing?

Dollar shave club’s owner and strategy went past their first viral video. They are another jewel in the crown part of digital content marketing.

The company used everything it had to create the best sequel, and they don’t just make fantastic marketing videos. They knew they needed to connect with their customers and meet their needs directly, so this was an excellent start to their campaign.

Recognising The Real Points

One of the main reasons that made their first viral video so great and why they have disrupted the razor industry. This is because they found the problems not currently addressed in this industry.

They addressed the three main points and problems that men have in their shaving process, and they are:

  • Paying a certain amount of money for a big pack of razors
  • Things that are not necessary and rank up the pricing and don’t help the shave
  • Having to get new blades

How Have They Changed The Razor And Business Model World?

They are changing this kind of industry and world by including a new approach to all shaving products and providing answers to the solutions that have been around for decades.

The dollar shave club catches customers’ value and interest by including low economic options and getting their supplies from the more unfortunate countries. Korea is their leading manufacturer, and they also have a monthly option.

They will continue to benefit as the low-end kind of distributors for so many different reasons. The first reason is that they always encourage their customer loyalty.

They have an outcome of getting rid of all barriers linked to the profits they receive and providing a personal approach to how people can find what they are looking for.

advantages of in-house content marketing vs agency

What Is Their Main Approach?

  1. Eliminate any distractions

Dollar shave club sells directly as they are, and they don’t use any retailer to sell their products. So, they are saving an area of money that usually goes to these retailers.

The only downside is that they lose the broader aspect of the market and the retailers.

  1. Build a line to direct

The company launched its only online business in 2012, which let it have control over its customer service, client and business relationships, and all of the data.

They have decided to use this kind of channel to continue to test their products and ensure that they have optimised their value proposition.

  1. Take a look at your proposition.

Dollar store club improves customer buying experience with easy and affordable products. Their flexible plans let their members purchase their first item for a simple price and then choose an article with the equivalent shipping rate.

  1. Replace any of the other options with a more innovative approach to marketing

Since dollar store clubs don’t solely rely on the concept of a retailer, they create their kind of visibility and brand recognition with the viral videos they are known for.

This method keeps consumers interested and gets them to come back by including educational videos and content that provides for their way of using their brand voice.

This makes them the face of the razor industry.

How Does Dollar Store Club Think They Can Conquer The UK?

Whilst they have been conquering the states, the dollar store club saw a great opportunity in heading to the UK. The brand officially decided in 2017 and launched its first campaign in July of that year.

Their marketing manager for the UK believes that this country is an attractive market due to how popular ecommerce has become, and all of the enquires they have received from men in the UK whilst they will still be working hard in America.

How To Stay At The Top Of The Razor Industry?

Dollar shave club are known for holding 54% of the online and razor marketing currently happening in the US, whilst Gillette has a lower rate of 21%.

There is a varied option for healthy competition, especially if you consider dollar save club versus other shaving companies and how they are at the top, which is good.

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How They Went From A Viral Video To A Billion Dollar Company?

The owner of the dollar store club was bored of paying much money for razors every month and going to a shop to get them. This is where his idea for this company came about. This was when he thought of the viral video idea for the new dollar shave club company.

What did they do to ensure this happened?

  1. Use a great subscription model
  2. be consistent when representing your brand
  3. focus on where you should be in Google
  4. Provide an excellent experience for your website
  5. Use other channels all of the time

How Dollar Shave Club Disrupted The Razor Industry

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