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How Effective Are Mobile Push Notification Advertisements?

With all the popular advertising formats, PPC, social media marketing, and email marketing, have you ever given thought to push notification advertisements?

When your choosing an advertising format for your brand, it’s important to do thorough research first. Checking insights and making comparisons of what each format has to offer.

Push notification technology has been advancing, developing from simple message delivery systems to interactive mediums. Delivering interactive messages directly to the user’s device, it performs well for practically any kind of advertising.

So, what is push notification advertising and how effective is it? We’ll answer those questions in this GrowTraffic blog.

What are Push Notification Advertisements?

You’ve more than likely come across push notifications on your laptop or mobile phone.

Small pop-ups asking to send notifications, or the option to allow notifications for smartphone applications, is push notification advertising. Publishers can actually send push advertisements at any time, users don’t even have to have the application open.

In fact, the mobile device doesn’t have to be unlocked, either. Push notifications are sent straight to the home screen and can also be viewed when the device is locked. On Apple products, it’s called the notification centre.

Push ads have all kinds of functions now:

  • Email apps deliver push notifications when there’s new mail in your inbox.
  • Gaming apps deliver push notifications to remind you about log in rewards or to tell you about an update.
  • Calendars will send push notifications, reminding users of upcoming events they have, such as appointments or work meetings.
  • Banking apps may send push notifications when a deposit has been made into your account or in relation to an overdraft.

When other applications are open, a push notification will typically appear as a drop-down notice so they don’t interrupt whatever you’re engaging with on your phone.

Push notifications can be utilised to almost any purpose. They’re direct and interactive and good for re-engaging audiences. A lot of applications use push notifications for this reason, actually.

Why Push Notification Advertisements Are A Good Option

Compared to other promotion types, push notification has quite a few advantages.

Enabled by Default

To start, push notifications are typically always enabled by default. Most applications are designed to have push notifications already enabled, so users that use that app have the option is disable them is they want.

Not many people actually do disable all notifications as they are found to be rather helpful.


Just as push notifications are already enabled, they’re opt-in.

It’s the users choice not only whether they receive notifications but also the type of notifications they receive.

We’ll use Facebook as an example. On this platform, you can choose to have push notifications for everything, nothing, or certain things in particular. Things such as new friend requests, messages, and interactions with your posts. Everything else, like recommended posts, suggested videos, and recommended friends, can be disabled.

So the users that choose to disable some notifications, and those that don’t disable any – that’s your target audience. They’ll be receiving the types of notifications they want. Therefore, you’ll never be sending notices to those who are unwilling to receive them because it’s entirely their choice.


Push notification advertising is almost entirely 100% bot-free.

When you think about the actual users of the apps on mobiles and computers, it’s people. All notifications going directly to the home screen or desktop are highly interacted and engaged with. Advertising is more attractive to people when they can control it.

This is what makes push notification advertising such a good option – the majority of visitors to your site are actual customers.

How Effective Are Mobile Push Notification Advertisements?

Though push notification advertising is relatively new, it receives a high click-rate.

Something that makes push notification advertising effective is the fact that it drives users to take action immediately. (I know I’ve been tempted one too many times by those ‘Last Chance to Buy’ notifications from clothing applications.)

Also, it reminds users about subscriptions they have for products or services. Thankfully, Amazon sends me a push notification around the time where I’ve started to forget I have a Prime subscription.

It allows users to re-engage and also re-exposes them to the brand.

But the performance of your advertisements does depend on few things. One of those is the ad network your pushing through. If your ads aren’t appearing through useful and high-quality channels, the user trust is low.

A network like MegaPush is quite a good option to choose. They were actually the first advertising network built entirely around push notifications.

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