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How Employee Branding Impacts Digital Marketing

Thinking of digital marketing, we think of the company or employers’ brand and presence to persuade people to purchase the goods or services you provide.


One avenue that goes under the radar is the invaluable potential to promote the overall brand: your employees.


They’re the people who make your brand feel human.

Employee Branding is the image your employees present to consumers of your brand and other potential stakeholders.


In today’s GT blog, we are going to explore the importance of employee branding, some strategies we’d recommend, and how we can help you with your digital marketing.


Why Is Employee Branding So Important?


First of all, we’ll start off with a statistic that drives the importance of your employees and the impact they can have.


Employee advocacy programs impact the digital marketing community. According to a recent report, 79% of businesses reported more online visibility, on the other hand, 65% reported increased brand recognition after adding or bolstering such programs.


Customers want to see transparency within companies, the saying people buy from people is true. Yes, you have to have a great product and service, but your culture and employees could be the real reason they ‘trust’ your company.


Engaged employees help sell the business. They promote and spread organic awareness using an authentic tone. Many companies have a robotic feel with their digital marketing so getting a personal touch can let the consumer ‘in’.


Positive company culture is the difference, in today’s society, whether you will succeed or not.


Does Employee Branding Impact Digital Marketing?


Yes! As mentioned, employee branding is crucial. It’s a positioning strategy that can help determine the culture and reputation of the company.


Engaging your employees will build a sustainable business and help promote a work-life balance, which is essential in this day and age. Respecting your employees and their human rights ensures a greater level of engagement and productivity – enhances brand loyalty.


So, you may be wondering why this is important to Digital Marketing? Well, employees that feel engaged and appreciated will project that image outwards.


Any business that wishes to improve digital marketing from the core of its business without spending money; should make an effort to incorporate brand values into everyday experiences.


The touchpoints made from leadership and senior-level will only mirror and translate onto consumer interaction, it’s another avenue to reinforce the brand – every single touchpoint has to be consistent.


Employee Branding Strategy


Employee branding ultimately being with employer branding.


When employer branding is successful, the brand has a strong reputation as a great place to work. The demand for an opportunity to work there increases.


For employee branding to be effective, the brand needs a strong, consistent employer brand and a thriving culture. Without it, employees simply won’t believe in the message.


Creating an employee brand in 5 steps:


  • Everything Needs To Align


Whatever the brand says it is externally must align with how the brand operates internally. Employee branding only works if they feel connected to the brand; if so, they’ll communicate that to consumers.


Alternatively, if your employees feel disconnected from the brand, they will portray a different message. The trust of the consumer will disappear.


A great example is Google.



  • Recruiting In Line With The Brand


As your reputation grows, the desire to work there will increase. Hiring and recruitment will become essential to how your company moves forward.


Ask questions, and give the candidate an exercise to do. This will help you understand who they are and if they are aligned with the brand.


  • Educate Your Employees On Your Brand


Before your employees can represent the brand, they need to understand the brand, what it stands for, what its values are, and how to communicate this to consumers.

A great example is Zappos. ‘The way of the brand’ is a 4 weeks introduction and training plan designed for new employees.


  • Incentives And Initiatives


Yes, reward your staff on performance-related metrics. But, incentives for brand alignment and communication will grow your brand culture and goals along the way. It’s a win, win.


The impact of this is unquestionable. We know you might not see a direct return on investment, but in the long run, it will speak for itself.


  • Analyse Your Strategy


All of the above will see great results, but how can you get better or on what is working or not without analysing… you simply can’t.


Structure questionnaires or surveys for your audience will provide you with feedback and an understanding of your brand alignment.


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