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“How Google’s PageRank Changed The World”

PageRank is a sequence used by Google Search, in which it is able to rank webpages and their search engine results. This is the following the description “web-page”, and the Co- Founder Larry Page.

What Is PageRank?

 PageRank is a way of measuring, the necessity and the importance of website pages overall. Stated by google; PageRank works by displaying the number, the standard of links to a page by examining and giving an estimate of how vital this website is. The assumption is also the illusion that the more important websites are receiving backlinks from other websites.

Who Invented PageRank?

 Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed PageRank at Stanford University in the year 1966, as part of an assignment about a research engine. The system was then developed, with the help of others who were as detrimental as Page and Brin, for being known for the development of Google.

Shortly after, this taking place Page and Brin ultimately founded and co-founded Google Inc. They are the people behind the Google search engine. Whilst just one of these factors, is able to determine the decision of the ranking of Google search results, PageRank continues to provide the foundation for Google’s web search resources.


managing reputation is important for SEO

PageRank and SEO

The search engine optimism, of your website is a large part of how your potential clients and visitors are able to find your website through the use of a search engine enquiry. Therefore, if your PageRank is showing high levels, it is so much more apparent that a customer will then find the website, as the search engine results will ensure that your business is higher on the list.

Therefore, showing time, effort and care your business and its website will be given the achieved high Google PageRank. With the use of PageRank, it is able to help your website get noticed from other websites that can provide a backlink and not just the customers that pay for your service.

This will be successful through your business’s strategy of marketing and other SEO methods such as; keywords and also metags, this will then help you get noticed by others.

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