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How Many AdSense Ads Can You Safely Have on a Page?

All publishers are allocated used only to be allowed three main pages. But now, they are allowed as many as they would like for AdSense ads on any page.

Do remember that this cannot be exceeded past this policy’s limit.

What Does The AdSense Page Policy Look like?

On every single page, this is how all of these AdSense marketers should use their main page

  1. Include three AdSense links for all content units
  2. Three main links to the units
  3. Three main search boxes

 This is how it should be done now a few changes have been made.

  1. Can have more than three AdSense content and unit options on any given page
  2. Has the option to include more than three links that are a part of the ad units on one single page
  3. More than one large ad unit per the main page.

What Is The AdSense Page Limit?

Whilst writing this current blog post, there is currently no central limit to which was linked to a single page as it used to be three placements per page.

To keep all of your visitors and clients but also keep on top of your user experience, the main rule of three that is in place should be followed, just use the known AdSense sizes to improve your overall content potential.

It is also essential to remember that the ever-changing and increasing factor of the number of units on the single page will not increase your overall revenue.


AdSense Limitations

The number way back when they had a policy on the specific page number was three, you could have had them in a particular order regarding AdSense ads and the units per page, but if it were more than that, then there would be issues.

The announcement of this came into action in August 2016, but from the march of 2017, it was then something that was a sort of free for all as then you could start using as many AdSense ads to your page as possible that you wanted or was physically possible.

New AdSense Limitations

Whilst Google has not decided to include any new limitations or put any in place; they have agreed to form a new kind of update, which can hurt sites using too many ads.

Google has always had a goal: minimising the number of ads included per page. The one thing they have never liked is that if one particular runner has more ads over the amount of content, they find it harder to click on it.

Examples A and B

Page A

Page a content writes a great piece of writing and generates over 10,000 views, in which these ads as a whole will roughly be the same and reach about twenty clicks. This will be about one hundred in total and a small percentage rate for the page.

Page B

They will then write the content that is more specific and is based on one area of information. Unfortunately, this is the piece of content that readers and viewers are not finding as interesting.

So, it will get half of the overall views compared to what example a received. B puts in more effort than A to show where they got the pictures from so they can be backed up.

How Has Google Changed The AdSense Page Limit?

Google has completely removed the entire policy that was the limit of AdSense ads that stopped at a three-page limit. This change can mainly be seen on all mobile devices, in which these pages have turned into something that is so much more complicated than it needs to be.

The update links to the fact that Google has mentioned it will take control of the possibility of including some penalty factors on these sites and will also have access to stop content and work that can be closed.

What Is The Maximum Ads Limit For The Per Page On AdSense?

Google is still an advertising company, but its policies have changed regarding AdSense. All advertisers and publishers should follow them below; we will go through the different pages and the max they have because of this rule.

  1. Maximum three content add links allowed per page
  2. Maximum two main links to the unit ads are allowed
  3. The top two primary searches are allowed per page

Content ads

These ads are shown through the central picture format and can be shown in three different ways through content ads on the per page option. 

Link ads

This is the link to the links of your page that will appear on these engines and can be used in many different sizes per page.

Search ads

A search box is an essential part of how this page will run depending on the search results it receives for your AdSense content and whether it will stay in the same window or go into another one. 

How Many AdSense Ads Can You Safely Have on a Page?

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