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How Many Types Of SEO Are There?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of SEO. Or at least I’m guessing you have. Otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page. And because you’re on this page, that means you’re curious about the types of SEO.

Generally speaking there are three types of SEO: on-page SEO, off-page/off-site SEO, and technical SEO. There’s also local SEO and enterprise SEO but they’re focused, more specific. The former three are like the SEO authority, if that was a thing.

So, I’ve told you what the three types of SEO are but what actually are they? What do they mean? What do they do? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this post!

The Three Types Of SEO

As I mentioned, there is On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Off-Page SEO. On-Page and Off-Page SEO are sometimes referred to as On-Site and Off-Site SEO, too.

On-Page SEO

This refers to any content that is on your website.

That means titles, subheadings, keywords, images and image description, and meta descriptions among several other things. In other words, all the things readers will first see when visiting your pages.

The content you put out has to be better than your competitors. And the keywords you include have to be relevant and related to the topic you’re writing about. Optimising the keywords to meet your goals can give your site a major SEO boost. This entails including the keyword(s) in the title, meta description, and first paragraph.

On-page SEO is a huge factor in website optimisation because there’s generally more content than anything else.

Off-Page SEO

Your website is still relevant and the main focus for off-page SEO but it doesn’t involve actually managing your site or its content in any way. It’s all about exposure.

Off-page SEO focuses more on the external connections to your website from someone else. Whether that’s by backlinking or through social media shares. Most of the work does come from the link building, though.

Links from authoritative sites are very valuable and increases your website’s SEO and visibility on the search engine rankings. These are quite difficult to obtain, though, so even just one would suffice. Then the rest of the links could be from less authoritative (but still credible!) sites.

Social media can play a part in off-site SEO, too. Perhaps our biggest tool these days for spreading anything – news, rumours, jokes, gossip. Other people talking about your content on social platforms must mean that your work is worth discussing. It may also result in more traffic to your website.

Technical SEO

Any technical elements of websites come into play here. Technical SEO is almost like a more detailed form of on-page SEO. Rather than focusing on the visible aspects, it focuses on the behind-the-scenes.

Letting search engines, like Google, crawl your pages and enhancing the user experience are some examples. Adding sitemaps and site schemas to help the crawlers determine the content is a factor of technical SEO.

But what would enhance user experience? Those are the invisible aspects. Having a quick to load, mobile-friendly website which is easy to navigate, and has a user friendly URL. Optimising HTTPS and the overall structure of the site is important.

Search engines and their algorithms are constantly updating and are becoming more complex in their specifications. Having efficient technical SEO means staying on top of this, evolving alongside the algorithms.

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