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How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

I’ve been a Freelance SEO Copywriter for a good while now, touting my services on a number of different platforms, and one of the first questions that I always get asked is ‘how much do your services cost?’. It’s a fact of life and I understand that, for the majority of small to medium business owners, it is often what decisions are necessarily based on. Usually though, if that’s the first question I’m asked, I know that I’ve already lost the contract. 

Cheap Services

I’ve just done a quick Google search for a Freelance Copywriter and I’ve found companies that will provide copywriting services for $5 per hour (that’s about £3) and they’re not all just sweatshops in India! A lot of companies can now offer copywriting at such ridiculously low prices because they have vast economies of scale and a lot of standardised procedures.

The problem with this is that it de-values copywriting as a skill; copywriting can’t just be a one-size-fits-all template that is slotted into your business depending on your sector. Pitching copywriting at such low prices not only devalues the work that I do but it also devalues the skill of copywriting as a whole.


Copywriting Is A Skill

Every bit of content that is created for or by your business – whether that be the text on your website, your blog, advertisements or other content marketing – should work hard for your business. That means that it needs to engage your customers, attract new business, increase your revenue and give you a measurable outcome for your ROI.

In order to write copy that achieves these goals, you need to have an innate understanding of the business and its customer base and that takes research and needs a detailed creative brief as a minimum. Now, if you have in-house copywriters then obviously they should already know this but, if you need to outsource your copywriting, then you need to find someone who will put the work in to understand your needs before they even start writing.


SEO Copywriting

As a huge portion of business is slowly shifting from the physical to the online, digital copywriting now mostly needs to serve the additional purpose of increasing your search engine rankings. Good copywriting should do this, although it does require an extra layer of research to find out your business’ keywords and target market, which in turn requires an extra level of individualism and dedication from your copywriter.

Having specialised as an SEO Copywriter for some time, I know by instinct now how to write copy that will help a business’ rankings but that skill didn’t just appear by chance; I have to keep abreast of the ever changing world of SEO and the fluctuating whims of the search engine giants, primarily Google, plus I have to do a lot of extra work around the copywriting itself, such as promoting the work and utilising Social Media etc. All of that takes quite a lot of research, time and effort.


Good Copywriting Costs Money

As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for in copywriting. If you just want quick and easy copy that is only surface deep then paying £3 per hour may just get you what you need. However, if you want copy that will work hard for your business and increase your revenue then you are going to have to pay a little bit extra for it, as you need to hire someone who has the ability and inclination to understand you and to achieve your business objectives.

If I’m approached by a potential client and the first question I’m asked is ‘How much do you charge?’ then I know I’ve already lost that client, as I can’t give them the cheapest quote. I’m fully aware that I can’t compete with the large agencies that supply copy for pennies; I’m not the most expensive copywriter around but I’m certainly not the cheapest either; I charge rates that I feel reflect the service I provide.

With several relevant qualifications under my belt and years of experience and expertise, I write copy that is well written, informed and engaging; in short, it does what it is supposed to. What’s more, my copy is always well written, grammatically correct and perfectly punctuated. Good copywriting is an extension of your company’s beliefs and goals and should reflect well on your business; if you want it, then I’m afraid you’ll have to pay for it.


Get In Touch

If you’d like to have a chat about my work and see what I can do to help your business then please do get in touch; there is no harm in talking and you would be under no obligations.

The best way to contact me is via email at, although you can also phone me on 07455 138 803 or leave me a message via the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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