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How Much Does Link Building Cost?

If you are a business owner or a regular blogger who wants to reach as many people as possible through your website, it’s really important not to underestimate the value of good search engine optimization  (SEO), and the value this brings through maximizing the traffic to your website.

As part of this SEO, building links to other websites and outreaching to other organisations to reciprocally build links to your own website, is a very good way of driving this traffic and increasing organic growth of visitors and building credibility of your brand.

As well as using keywords, alt-text and meta-tags, (yes we know, it all sounds very complicated – trust us it isn’t; you can read more about the mystical language of SEO here), using link building or outreaching fundamentally support your website to grow the business, and as with anything in digital marketing, means investing time, and sometimes capital, to get the most out of it and achieve the desired results.

So how much does link building cost? Well this can vary wildly, and depends on lots of different variables, but none more so, than the agency you choose to support your digital marketing campaign.

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What is Link Building?

Essentially, link building is about getting third party websites to share links to your own site in order to improve your rankings. And the greater the number of links, the more successful your website becomes.

However, it’s not just about the number of links, it’s about the quality of these links, and the quality of the content that these links originate from.

For example, a link built from a well established and recognised site is going to have far more of an impact than a link from an unknown. This is all down to Google changing the algorithms in order to cope with the thousands of spammy links that were created in the early days through negative SEO designed to sabotage organisations through harming their websites.

And crucially, to avoid this type of negativity and harmful activity, the internet is becoming far more driven by trust based transactions and relationships when building links; relying heavily on good content creation, guest blogging or posts, email, PR and influencer outreach and social media.

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What is Outreaching?

Outreaching is a way of connecting with other businesses and internet users in order for them to build links to your website.

This can be done by straight forward email or PR campaigns, although bear in mind under new data regulations, you can no longer just send unsolicited emails and need a database of contacts you already have a relationship with or websites and organisations that are relevant to your own through qualified research, and that could offer good link building potential.

Social Media outreaching is slightly more generic, and basically involves you using social media as a way of building up business contacts, inviting dialogue on to your own pages, and engaging with those who like and follow your posts. Start conversations, join in to existing ones and don’t forget, even if it is a good idea to have a personality, keep it professional and remember this is to benefit your business and grow your brand.

Why should I Pay for Link Building and How Much is a Reasonable Amount?

Paying for link building is still something that people debate as both positive and negative SEO.

Some would argue it is harmful and an unnecessary expense, as it can have an impact on your organic traffic, however, there is no getting away from the fact, the big advantage to buying backlinks to your own website is it can save a huge amount of time to driving more visitors to your website, which in turn is going to help organic growth in the long run.

And if you are running your own business and are, as they say: ‘challenged for time’ back linking is not going to be high on your priorities. Plus, with the amount of time it takes to research and evaluate, paying for something that is going to save you time AND increase traffic to your website has to have its advantages!

Using an agency who produces content for you company website in the form of additional web page resources or blogs, is an obvious choice to assist you with link building. And if you are using an agency to manage your SEO, these are conversations you should be having to be honest.

If your current agency is not talking to you about the benefit of backlinks and at least giving you the option to decide based sharing their expert knowledge with you, it’s time to find a new SEO Agency!

So what is the real cost to buying back links? Well how long is a piece of string?

The costs can vary massively, and it really all depends how much you want to invest, and how quickly you want results.

Some businesses have large marketing budgets that literally run in to hundreds of thousands or millions, we understand, however, that for most of you, even having a small marketing budget can be a luxury!

That is why we would advocate paying a defined amount per link. Somewhere in the region of £250 would be more than acceptable. Bearing in mind you’re paying for the amount of time that goes into the researching and writing of content, and the networking and contacting of genuine, credible businesses where your backlinks will be most effective.

Beware of people selling links cheaply, they are highly likely to be spam, and therefore do more damage than good.

You also need to understand the number of links you’re going to require. You’ll need to carry our an audit on your backlink profile and that of your competitors in the SERPs. Gap analysis of these backlink profiles will then show you where the opportunities are and give you an understanding of how many links you’ll need.

Don’t be surprised if the answer is thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds. In reality, you’ll find you’ll need fewer ‘good’ links. So concentrate on the quality links and constantly review your backlink profile and link building strategy.

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We are a team of expert digital marketing professionals who write high quality content and can offer tailor made SEO packages, including backlinking and outreaching. All it will take to free up a good deal more of your time whilst having a very positive impact on your business is to get in touch!

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